Then I remembered where I had seen this face before. No it couldn't be could it. It certainly couldn't be she was back home in the home world. If I knew Bahra was her I'm sure I would have remembered that I don't forget people that just doesn't happen.

"Hello Brenden."

I didn't respond because it sounded like her but it just couldn't be I knew it couldn't but I am now re-thinking that.

"Yes I assume you would be shocked. But you did say you wanted an adventure."

"But this isn't possible Flayar said you needed days to recover and besides I saw you yesterday at the bonfire you didn't look tired.."

"You do know I am a spirit user and that lets me able to be in a human body and do spells back here all at the same time."

"But but but.. why would you follow me why would you do this didn't you trust that I could do things on my own?" I was confused beyond belief I just didn't want it to be her that meant Meg had been following my every move since I had gotten to the human world..

"Yes I had to I knew if I let you go you would be in grave danger if you ever tried to return by yourself I was surprised you didn't catch on I still had the same personality and looks yet you seemed to forget what I looked like. But I guess I did put that memory shield on you but I only did that when you were a baby unless Naybay put one on you just as you were leaving."

"Yea I guess so. Also about those shields are you able to take them both off? I would be extremely grateful if you did."

"I would love to Brenden but we have seem to hit a snag... I as you can see I'm not up to my physical strength at the moment and I need to be at full strength if I want to be able to take off Naybay's and my shield at the same time."

"Why can't you just take off mine and be done with it?"

"Well you see if I remove mine... she will be able to use you as her own little minon and I'm pretty sure you don't want this. Nor do I want this for you but."

"Okay so what do we need to do to get you back up to full power?"

"Brenden I'm not like a cell phone you can't just plug me in and I'll be charged that's just ridiculous."

I couldn't help but laugh I knew it was a bad time to be laughing but it felt needed. I was extremely tired from the pull into this world of ours. I was about to pass-out but I don't think that was a problem at the moment because all of a sudden someone had me floating towards a tent and towards a king size bed. They put me down and shut the tent's flap.

"Thank you for whom ever did that" I said.

"You're welcome my dear" Said Gahyal.

I undressed and took my shoe's off and jumped into the bed. I knew it wasn't going to take long to fall asleep but I still wanted to reflect on what had just happened today. So here goes... I woke up. Had gotten summoned to this crazy world. Swam across a lake. Fought some creeper.. Saw Naybay. Met Flayar.. Littarly flew up into the mountain's and now Meg is a spirit user. UGH so much for me to do in one day I just hoped it would be easier tomorrow.

"Brenden....get to bed" Meg exclaimed

"Sorry goodnight everyone."

Goodnight Brenden

It was like everyone had just needed to feel the use to use there mind penetrating powers to tell me goodnight hasn't anyone heard of this thing called a mouth... Then something hit me like a rock and everything just went black as I passed-out.


I heard the sounds of birds chirping in the morning it was like camping all over again but this time I couldn't go home even if I had wanted to. But I guess it wasn't to bad beautiful sights to see. I decided I would go for a walk and go see if I could find a stream I could wash up in. So I put on my shorts, grabbed my backpack and put my shoes ,socks and a T-shirt that someone had made for me so I wouldn't look like someone that didn't belong in this world. The morning air was sharp but refreshing it wasn't to bad out for a morning in the mountain's usually it would be really cold if it was the winter. I opened the tent flap and went set out for a stream of sorts. I should have put the t-shirt on instead of put it in my backpack the bugs here were always biting you if they found some flesh skin.

I didn't really mind though I was a tough boy I could handle it. I heard a stream running. Now that I knew I was near one I just had to find a part that was deep enough to get up to my chest. I walked for a while down the mountain. I could see this shallow enough pond type spring that would fit perfectly for my needs. So I set down my back pack and ran into the water.

The water was a bit on the chilly side but if you got moving around enough it was good. You could smell how clean the water was though. The freshness was in the air. Its really hard to describe but it smelt wonderful and crisp. I dove under the water. I just sat at the bottom of the little pond thing. I didn't know I could hold my breathe for so long but then I heard a splash of water. I quickly pushed my feet off the bottom of the floor of the pond. When I reached the top I saw Meg.

"I assumed you would be here. It's a lovely place to be at this time of day."

"Yeah it is. It's actually really beautiful. It's like I never really left P.E.I besides I may never return back to P.E.I seeing as the things you want me to do are crazy. I may never live to see P.E.I ever again. You know that right?"

"Brenden stop being so negative now come on we must go they are making breakfast. Besides I won't let you die."


I slowly walked out of the water as it dripped of my body Meg had stopped me.

"WOW...since when did you have a six pack?"

"Umm that's really a weird question to ask you know that right. If you must know I had been working out everyday during my spare."

"Oh well that I guess answers that question."

As we walked back I didn't really feel like talking so instead I let Meg talk the whole time. She was ranting about how I should of told her that I had been working out and that it wouldn't be embarrassing if I had told her I had one. But personally it was very embarrassing. Having people know how built you are was quite embarrassing because every time you take off your shirt they go ooh la la. I personally didn't want to cause my self anymore attention then needed.

The walk seemed to take forever to get back but when we arrived breakfast was pretty much ready all you had to do was grab a paper plate and pick up the food. It smelled really good I don't think I had ever smelt something so good in my life except when we went out for breakfast. The smell of eggs, sausage and pancakes was just the key to my stomach. I filled my plate high with pancakes and other goodies and went and sat down beside the morning fire.

I had planned on sitting alone but Meg had followed me once again. I didn't mind her I just wanted to be alone. But apparently when you're in this world you don't get privacy.

"Brenden are you sure your alright?"

"Yeah never better."

"I've heard that line before.. now what's wrong you can tell me if you do ill take both shields out at the same time right now."

"Well fine.. I feel homesick"

"The great Brenden Matthews is homesick this is a first. Isn't it?"

"No when I went to Europe for that art trip I had gotten homesick there too. It's just I don't like the feeling of never being able to go home whenever you want."

"But Brenden you are home."

"No no I'm not I want to be home in P.E.I that place is the best place in the world."

"Well seeing as you told me what's wrong I will leave you to think to you're self and I warn you be careful."

"Why be must I be careful?"

"Because I undid all the shields and you know have free range to do what ever you please just remember don't do anything stupid and if you see anyone suspicous looking please please I beg you hide you're self go into the mind field I don't care just make sure you can get out of the mind field."

"Don't you mean mine field Meg"

"I know what I said don't be foolish there are no mines here."

I had gotten up walked to the side of the cliff and jumped... It felt amazing. As I was falling the wind threw my wet hair just felt like one thousand combs going through the softest hair in the world. As the earth came closer I thought really hard about not going splat as I hit the ground and just like that a bubble had appeared around me not green though but this bubble was purple. Just as I hit the ground the bubble had bounced off the ground and went back up into the air not very far but far enough for a second bounce for me to come to a complete stop.

"Brenden that wasn't exactly being careful I didn't think you would do something like that right off the hop."

I thought really hard about talking into Meg's mind and I think it worked so I quickly stated... "I'm free to do what ever I please for at least an hour a day.. don't you remember saying that back in P.E.I?"

"Dammit well fine but still just be careful"


I knew I had won that argument because she said those words not even four days ago and I'm a smart cookie I remember everything that Meg says other wise she seems to have way to much against me so it's like fighting a brick wall... you will loose.