Life With the Wolves

Jared Dixon

Chapter I

The Wolves

The wolves are me, my wife,Valentine, our sons, Tim and

Bandit. We have two daughters, Valentino, and Terri.

Chapter 2

Our Life

Us wolves you have your feelings about, but if you read this

book, maybe your opinion of us will change. We don't

usually kill people unless you really tick us off. So please

don't. So, I'll go over it again. You tick us off, we kill you.

Got it? OK. We actually live a very exiting life. We love

our great lives. If you show the same great passion for

wolves as us,you'll see why we love our life. We've been

teaching the pups to hunt. The pups are actually quite

well at hunting. Bandit caught a rabbit. Rabbits are

so fast that they are the prey that you catch the least.

Valentine has been teaching the girls how to nurse pups

so, when they have little pups they know how to nurse

when they grow up. I still don't see why they use plain

stuffed animals and not those operation stuffed animals

like you see in doggy stores.