Life With the Wolves

By Alex Wolf

Chapter 3

Valentine said this morning "Alex, if you don't teach those

boys how to hunt and tell them to pick up the pace, you'll

have your hands full with four pups, and i'll just sit there

and laugh."I was thinking at the time, "Then just take a

look at what Bandit caught just this afternoon." So I said,

"OK,I say you and the girls come to the boy's hunting lesson

tonight to see how the boys are doing." Valentine agreed.

So i'm thinking, "I'd better get these boys workin'"

Chapter 4

"Ok boys, we have to really have to get working on our

tecniques."So the boys have gotten their hunting tecniques

perfected. Bandit caught a CAT. If you are a dog owner,

you should know that cats are the dogs' biggest enemy.

The cat almost got away. But ol' Bandit sped himself

up and pounced. That cat didn't stand a was a

bloody mess. There were claws everywhere. At least

Bandit went in on a neck bite. That cat went to the litter

box in the sky. So bandit caught the pups dinner.


Chapter 5

"Ok, so it goes don just as we planned. Bandit, you stand

over the rabbit that you caught today. And everyone else,

I will give youu either a rabbit or cat to stand over."When

the session started, it was basically a party. There were 6

wolves there. The girls were asking me how they would do.

I told them that they would have to wait and see.

Chapter 6

Today I woke up to RAIN. Lots of it. So the girls allowed

us to use their nursery for our hunting lesson. I laughed.

How were WE going to use a nursery as a spot for a

hunting lesson? You tell me. So we just went outside to

have our hunting lesson. We finished our hunting semester.

Now I have to teach the girls, or horrors.