She rocked back and forth on the sea of black bedspread, eyes clamped shut, pale spidery fingers entangled in the brown bird's nest she called hair. For a moment, her eyes opened. Guided by a stream of light, she was drawn to the only window in her room. Grey storm clouds merely acted as a mirror to her inner self.

Shaking her head, hot tears pouring out of each blood shot eye. The young girl rolled of her bed, almost lifelessly crawling to the window. Hazel eyes met those grey clouds… it spoke to her through it's own depression and suffering. Her hands touched the cool, foggy glass, as if to hold hands with the sky. It felt like ice, numbing to the touch. The gaze broke between the two, and she met the dead forest below the dead sky. Everything was… black and white. Creatures, lively forest spirit… all dead and gone. Taking two fistfuls of red curtain into her tightly clenched fists, she tugged them shut. This blocked off the only stream of light leading into her room… darkness now took over.

" Stop… watching me." She said ever so bluntly in a whisper. A strange, but familiar panic feeling was becoming her. Her somewhat calm breathing became sharp. Pathetically dragging her limp body back to her bed, and slinking underneath the black fortress. Yet, within the black walls, she felt a thousand sets of eyes on her. Everyone was watching her in hiding. Covers were thrown off, and the girl looked around. Her mirror… she saw faces. Oh, and they were watching her… and only her. Faces with red eyes and sharp, stained, cannibalistic teeth upon the blacked out features. They mocked her with their fake tears of blood. She growled at them, picking up her alarm clack, smiling with trump as the pieces of the reflecting glass that flew. She was pumping with adrenaline… and anger. She tugged at her hair tightly.

Feeling a tug at her arm skin, her smiling seemed to stop. Reluctantly, she looked down… her new sleeve tattoo of a dragon was… was moving. It was slithering. She felt each dry scale. The black and red dragon opened its mouth, and she could feel the teeth grazing her pale skin. With her left hand, she gripped her right arm, massaging the bicep. Quite a sad attempt to make the feeling stop. Her nails dug deep crescent wounds. Trickles of blood seeped slowly form the new cuts. Her efforts were futile as a forked tongue wrapped itself around unsuspecting fingers. Jolting her hand back with a scream, she panicked more. Eyes settled on the broken mirror pieces… sharp and ready. Feeling like she couldn't move fast enough, she grabbed a piece of glass form the floor. Hazel met yellow eyes.

Slice after slice, the gashes on her arms grew deeper, "slaying" the dragon. Cries of pain muffled by her pillow. Once the scaly creature ceased to exists, the girl threw the piece of glass back on the ground. She wanted… needed out. The door… oh so simple was of escape. Blood stained the carpet as my jumped out of bed onto the layer of glass. Her hand flew for the gold doorknob. Her hands wrapped themselves around the knob, as it distorted into a spiked swirl. Her hand was barely a reflection of its former self. At the shock of the doorknob, she jumped back, slipping and falling onto the glass. A wince… of defeat. Staring at the ceiling and walls, a thick black substance started to pour down. It dripped, falling around her laying form. The girls sobs caught within her throat, eyes fluttering shut.

She felt insane for the last time.