My dearest love Ashley,

Though you may no longer love me, I wish to inform you that my love for you is undying. And that if you so choose I shall let you go. But here I will stay, here by the beach house of our romance, and wait for your return. Because no one can love you like I can. We are soul mates that the turbulence of life has separated. Please understand that I wish for nothing but your happiness and that I will stand by any decision you make.

Remember the first night we exchanged 'I love you's'? You were there with your hair blowing in the wind. The beach was lit up by your very presence, that moment I knew what I had to tell you. With your brown hair swirling around your face, your smile so radiant and breath taking. Then your eyes! Oh those eyes, they could melt my heart with just one shy glance in my direction. You wore my baseball cap; in a few words you were beautiful. I wanted to take you there on that crowded beach. I walked right to you and before I knew what I was doing the words 'I love you' escaped my lips. You were stunned at first, but then you said it back. I've never felt happier than that moment. You loved me, I felt like I could fly.

But now argument after argument plagues us, and I know that you've been seeing him behind my back. But my dearest Ash, as long as you are happy I shall leave you alone. I will depart without any negative words, without any disputes. I'm sorry for having hurt you with my cruel words, I can only pray for forgiveness, knowing I very well don't deserve it. All those horrible things I said to you, you deserve to leave me standing here, you deserve everything. Yet I give you nothing, this is my apology Ashley. This is my apology that came three days too late.

I miss you, your smell, your taste, your bubbly personality. I know I'm to blame for what you did, and I wish I had seen it coming; I wish I had cared enough to know how depressed you were. I'm sorry this was the only way you saw out. I see now how horrible I was, and I know it's too late, much too late. But I pray with all my heart to you, forgive me. Ashley, darling, my love, I must stop this letter, for you cannot read it, and I'm almost late. Typical of me isn't it? To be late to everything dealing with you. I will bring this letter with me, so you can have it forever.

See you in heaven,