You say you love me

You say you'll never leave me

You say you can't live without me

And yet, you still left me

I don't understand everything

But I know one thing

That you never loved me

You just used and hurt me badly

You kissed me and made me wait for you

You hugged me to you

You said that I was now apart of you

And yet, you still left me

Now you are so far away

All I ever hear is your lies, to my dismay

I just feel so sad

Yet, thinking of you just makes me mad

You break me apart after you're done

You wreck my heart more than already done

You throw me the memories of what's done

And yet, you still left me

Now I hear and know your lies

Knowing it isn't you whom I despise

But just to remind me of how I acted

It is me who I hate, being so stupid

Now here I sit

Crying for something that I can't undo

But I will never forget one bit

And I'll never forget you.