Roses are Not Red

She told me

Roses are red and violets are blue

I didn't think she was so true

I thought she knew

We got into an awful fight

She wouldn't listen to the colors I chose

I thought she was crazy

She told me roses are red

As they are the passion of fire

The burning heart full of desire

The setting sun

A warm summer breeze

The grainy sand between the toes

Roese are red she said

As it's the dress that wavers around

to Stand out looking for that




I shook my head

No, thats not right!

she stamped her foot

curled her fingers

and yelled at me

She said violets are blue

as the cool moon night

a Single floating iceberg

in the ocean at night

A full moon On a clear night as the cold breeze

feels so right

The shivers of night

wrapped in a blanket

and held on so tight

She said violets are blue

as its captured love

the cooled down verson

of a hot summers love

as words not needed to be said

as they know

they love each other

that's it's been caught in a net

and held on tight

as its flaming desire

is there

inner fire

I shook my head and once again said


that cannot be right

as you see

Roses are not red

violets are not blue

that can't be

it just

can't be

she looked at me

crossed ehr arms

and asked me what I see

I said

Roses are Gray

Violets are Gray

I'm colorblind.