I watch you from our bed, sitting up I could see the plan unveil in your eyes. The air was cool from the air-conditioner roaring in the window, but you didn't seem to notice the chill when you removed your shirt. While you ruffled your hair back into place, you smiled that wicked smile. I bit back my smile, not allowing you the victory you were so looking for. As you stepped closer to me, slowly, so slowly, I was glad you were mine. You ran your hand through my hair, pushing it out of my face, out of your way. My smile traitorously showed itself. Your eyes danced happily, lustily, I was sure mine returned the same. Still, I rolled my eyes, knowing how much you enjoyed this. I breathed in deeply seconds before your mouth touched mine, oh God. Like my prayers were finally answered I felt relief. As your hand moved to my blouse, I was glad to be yours.