Connor a 26 year old male was sat in his office at work with his arms on his desk his chin resting on his arms he as staring at clock just 20 more minutes to he got to leave work for the weekend, this weekend was extra special cause he was gonna have his daughter for the whole weekend his daughter was 4 years old and called Summer he didn't get to see her much as she was always round her mother's as she didn't work and could spend more time with her. He hated that he couldn't see his little girl everyday he misses the times when it was him summer and Rachael his ex wife they always had lots of laughs and so many happy memories. Connor now lives alone in a big house he sends money to Rachael every week to make sure her and Summer.

He hears a knock at his office door snapping him out of his random thoughts he adjusts his suit and sits up in his chair and puts a folder in front of him and casually says "come in"

"Hi Mr sky"

Connor looks up and smiles "hi how may I help"

"I'm Emily Samson I'm here to assess your attitude to work we have had some complaints in the last few months of your attitude"

"well miss Samson" Connor says whilst standing "you can take your little form there and throw it in the bin" he then walks to the door opens it again and beckons her to leave

"Mr. sky this isn't a joke"

"oh I am being completely serious get out of my office" he replies with a smile

"very well I will be back her Monday with one of your senior directors and we will discuss this"

"I can't wait" waits for her to leave the room then shuts the door walks back to his chair and sits in it and sighs, Connor knows his attitude hasn't been the same the last 5 months it was when Rachael left him he didn't take any time of work he wanted to take his mind off losing his wife and seeing his child he rests his head on his desk again and waits for the time to tick away and when it gets to 5 his sectary comes in and wishes him a good weekend and organizes his folders from today then goes home.

Connor packed his stuff away then left his office walked down the corridor waited for the elevator all other department managers were there and talking Connor just stood there in silence and when elevator got their he stepped in stood in corner and waited for it to reach car park then walked straight to his car sat in it for a moment gave small sigh again and drove back to his house, he arrived there at 5:30 and he knew Rachael was dropping summer of at 6 so he quickly ran around his house cleaning everything and he made sure summers room was ready for her he sat on her bed for a while and picked up one of her teddies he brought this for Rachael when they were 15 she always pointed it out when they were together so Connor brought it for her on valentine's day. Then when summer was born years later Rachael gave it to her Connor put it back down on the bed and looked at the floor a tear rolled down his cheek and slid off the end of his chin landing on his knee, he heard knock at the door he rubbed his eyes and walked to the door to answer it.

"DADDY" summer yelled running straight in the door with her arms out

Connor picked her up and smiled "helloooooooooo sun-panda" he always called her that and she loved it

Summer giggled and hugged "I missed you daddy"

"I missed you too summer" he puts her down and she runs around the house dancing and singing Connor smiles watching her then looks to Rachael "you fed her lots of sugar or something?"

"nope you know her she's hyper nonstop"

"yeah she sooo gets that from u"

Rachael puts on a small smile "so you dropping her off at school Monday and I pick her up"

"yup that's the plan, want me to drop her stuff for you after dropping her off at school"

"that'd be good, thanks, hey summer I'm going have good time with your dad"

Summer comes running and hugs Rachael "bye Mummy"

Rachael looks up at Connor and says "bye" and walks out the door closing it behind her before he even gets a chance to reply

"sooooooooooo" Connor says whilst moving Summer's bags out of way of door, "you had dinner yet?"

Summer runs over and stretches her arms so He'd pick he up again and he does whilst walking around "nope mummy said you can cook for me"

"awesome what should we have" as he walks to kitchen still holding her

"oooohooohoooooh can we have errrrm that thing that has that stuff?!?!??!" Summer says quickly

Connor gives her a strange look "your a weird little one aren't you" summer gives a big grin then points to one of the cupboards and says "its in that one"

Connor moves to it and looks in "aaaah you want to make cakes" Summer nods lots and smiles "well I'm missing some stuff to make them so how bout we bake lots tomorrow we can watch films and play games and make lots of cakes"

"yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" Summer throws her arms in the air and swings them around hiting Connor on nose "sorry Daddy" she kisses his nose

"your too cute" he says putting her down "how about we make a pizza today?"

"yummy" as she starts dancing around again

"ok then what job do you want?"

"iiiiiii wanna be person who watches telly and eats the food" she says as running to living room and putting the TV on

Connor smiles and says to himself "good choice" as he starts to prepare dinner once he has put the pizza in the oven he goes to living room and see's Summer is hugging his Panda teddy he had since he was 16 Rachael got it for him on their 4 year anniversary of dating he let Summer keep it cause she wouldn't leave it alone when she was a baby seems that hasn't changed he picked up Summers bags and moved them to her room then went back downstairs and sat next to summer and when he did she leaned against him and hugged his arm.

"I miss seeing you everyday daddy"

He looks at her and puts arm around her "so do I summer"