I am sorry its been so long since I have updated had a lot go on recently and really havnt been in right emotional mood to write + university work on top of that and it all goes blah =p so yeah I shall try and update more often cant promise it will be very fast updates but I will try my hardest to update as soon as possible when possible.

And thanks to people who messaged and asked for me to continue sorry I didn't reply to them messages again was in a low mood due to other stuff. But it was you lot that made me come back to this story hope you enjoy

It was Friday evening and Connor and Summer had just finished eating dinner and were playing snakes and ladders together.


"you moved 7 places summer"

"i did not" Summer replies looking shocked but trying not to giggle

"i just watched you do it"

"but but if i moved 5 id of landed on a snake..unless you want your daughter to be eaten by giant snake"

Conner stares at her and raises an eye brow "fine my turn then" as he picks up the dice it rolls on 1 as corner moves his figure up.

"heeeeey your meant to move sideways not upwards"

'so you can cheat and i cant?"

"yes daddy im 5"

"i didn't see that in rule book" he says starting to laugh

Summer sticks her tongue out as they continue to play. Conner was also doing his work whilst they played and summer looked at him and frowned watching him

"why do you always have lots of work daddy?"

he looks up and see's his daughter looking sad and puts his work to one side

"cause i have to do all my work and also make sure no one else makes silly mistakes on their work"

"well everyone who makes mistakes should be fired and then u can get better people who don't makeu mistakes so u can work less" Summer replies angrily

"hope you don't become my boss little miss strict" Summer was staring at floor and looked sad "ok i'll do this work later and we finish this game then watch a film yeah?"

instantly looks straight up and smiles "yay can i choose the film?"

"of course"

summer picks up dice rolls 2 but moves herself all the way to end of board even though she is only on place 33 "I win nice try daddy" as she jumps off her chair and runs to film cabinet.

Connor just looks at her and smiles

"iiiiiiiiii want this one" she says pulling film out with 4 others falling out onto the floor "oops sorry" she says leaning down picking them up

"don't be sweetie " Conner replies walking past her messing up her hair as he does so "want some fruit salad whilst we watch?"

"yes please daddy"

Connor goes to kitchen and sorts out the food and hears summer singing to herself.

few minutes later he went back to living room passed summer bowl of fruit salad and sat down next to her "so what are we watching sun-panda"

"Kung Fu Pandaaaaaaaa"

"coolcool.. you looking forward to staying at Katie's mums tomorrow?"

Summer start dancing whilst sitting down and eating "yep soooo much going to make yummy cakes"

"oh so cakes I make aren't yummy?"

"yeah but Katie's mum is best cake maker ever"

"I see" Connor replies

"where are you and Katie going for your date"

"that's for me to know and you to probably not find out"

"that's unfair"


"fiiiine don't tell me"

A few minutes of watching film silently till summer spoke up again "daddy?"

"yes sweetie?"

"will we ever see mum again?"

Connor looks at her and tries to put on small smile "we can see her whenever you want sweetie"

"I don't want to…I want Katie to be my mummy"

"doesn't work just like that sweetie" he says putting her arm around her

"but if you got married she could be like my mummy"

"if you wanted her to be"

"you should ask her to marry you tomorrow"

Connor chocks on his food a bit "think that might scare her off sweetie"

"please ask pleeeeeease"

"I cant ask her tomorrow summer"

"fine" as she sat silently hugging her dad for rest of the film

After the film summer said "I'm going to play upstairs daddy" as she kisses his cheek

"what you going to play?"

"that's for me to know and you to probably not find out" she replies sticking her tounge out.