Owned and Written by P. Quill


.Of Introductions and High School Dramas

High school, the five years of your life where you spend most of your time utterly bored, fighting with people, getting detention or trying actually pass a class so that your report card didn't look overly bad. Yeah, welcome to my life. You go home and deal with a totally weird famous family and you get stuck trying to live up to somebody.

My mother, Ashlee Amanda Power is a fashion designer and at forty she still looks like thirty year old. I'm pretty sure shes had plastic surgery even though I'd never actually asked...that or she wears a lot of makeup, I think I'm going to go with the latter. Anyway, in a brief description of my ditsy but smart mother, shes about 5'5, typically tan with platinum blonde hair and what most people would call, cake face make up. Disgusting. She was always dressed up like she was going out for a party, and spent more time out with people then she did at home.

My father, Jack Power owned a law company could Power enterprises. It was pretty successful. He still had his youthful good looks, even if he was forty-five. His hair was dyed frequently though so that it stayed the same charcoal black he'd always had. I'm sure he's used wrinkle remover cream as well. My parents were walking wax figures basically, walking wax figures that I ever rarely saw. I was even sure dad was banging his secretary.

My brother, James Power was the king of our high school Oaken High. We lived in the town of Oaken Cove which was about half an hour from the city but definitely a rich place, like miniature Beverly Hills. We had a huge beach house, which was nice really. Anyway back to James, James if he were not my brother would be considered a heart throb to me. And plenty of girls have told hm that he is. With his dirty blonde surfer hair and tan skin with brown eyes, it made him look quite the Love God, and I admit he was a player up until the beginning of our last year as High school students. My big brother had finally start showing maturity, and less testosterone.

Now to me. Ruby Power, 5'4, completely normal and a full on anti make up. I hated it, my face feeling thick with all the powders and foundations the eye liner and the mascara. Just thinking about it makes me want to go and wash my face. I'd inherited my fathers black hair, my mothers pale skin and my fathers blue eyes which came down to a seriously weird looking combination. A lot of people asked if I wore contacts. I spent my time studying or dancing, I was considered horribly normal compared to my brother, I was on the lower end of the food chain really, but my brother and his friends were nice to me, seeing I knew half of them when we were in diapers, I just chose to hang out with normal people.

The people who hung out with my brother were his basket ball team and the tacky artificial girls who should of failed school by now. You'd think that they would of pulled out and gotten and apprenticeship as a cleaner or something. Seriously how those girls managed to never get held down was a miracle, seeing as they spent more time drinking and partying then they did actually trying to gain something with their life.

I'd kept my life quiet, peaceful and an absolute no dating policy until I had my life on track. I wanted to travel the world first (alone so no one would bother me), finish uni with a degree in journalism and become a news reader ad then maybe I would consider getting a boyfriend. My brother said I would by then be like the 40 year Old Virgin. I tried not to take offense to that.

My best friend consisted of a group of three. There was Leah, a fiery electric red haired with pale skin which was constanlty getting burnt by the sun. There was Jaques, whose real name was actually Spencer but seeing as he had recently come out of the closet he thought he should use his middle name. Jaques was incredibly adorable, with his unifrom always immacualte and the last button always done up to his throat, his sandy hair combed over with gell and an endless supply of shopping ideas. At first I thought it was weird that my best friend was gay, but it was kind of funny at the same time running into clothes shop after clothes shop while he helped all us girls try on dresses.

There was also Fae, she had recently moved here with her family from Korea and her English had been horrible at first but with the help of us we had turned her into a pure Aussie in a matter of three months. Her ebony black hair went all the way to her bottom while she had a very thick front fringe which she constantly was pushing out pf her face. Her parents wouldn't allow her to cut her hair. She was nice though all the same and had proved to be a pretty great friend.

So that made up the Triple Trio, three completely normal friends taking on the battles of high school and over coming them. Okay maybe thats a little dramatic. But seriously high school was a bumpy ride, from fat obese teachers who'd have spit gathering in the corner of their mouths while they shouted at us, or menopausal divorcees who wanted to make our lives hell. Either way high school sucked and we all knew it.

Though it sucked a whole lot more when Robbie Lucas Williams stepped onto the scene. I could only say two words. Oh Shit.