What Can I Do?


I am at a loss of what to do

When it comes to you

You confuse me sometimes,

But I know I want to see you smile

And know that that smile is true...


But let me ask this

How do you make someone smile,

When you are the cause of their distress?

When you are the one causing it,

Over something you can't help?

Do you still feel guilt,

Even if it can't be helped?


Are you to blame from the start

For the longing and suffering at times in their heart

Because you took on playing a part

Utterly different and new to you

But you knew

That they were already in deeper than you?


How do you make them happy

When you both know

That at times, they would suffer the pain,

Regardless of whether they are with you

Or without you

Because either way,

They love you?


How do you make them laugh

When a show of affection on a given day

A sweet, caring gesture

Could have the possibility

Of making their ache worse

And you might never even know?


They tell you it's fine

It's alright

It can't be helped

They'll wait...


But they've spoken of wanting to hear

Those words returned

And you just know

That they are desperately longing

For that day to come...


What do you do

When you speak so boldly

Of not wanting them to be hurt

But you can't help but hurt them

And you know that it's worse

Than if it they were hurt

By anyone of less importance?


What do you do,

What can you do?


\To make that smile completely real

And not a mask, hiding sadness?

To be there completely

To whisper away their other torments

Without being one yourself?


What can you do?


So that those words

Become true to you

So you can repeat them

And make their world brighter?


What can you do?

What can I do?

So that I can say,


"I love you..."

AN: I wrote this poem based on some actual events in my life. Things seem to be working out; this poem was more out of venting one day. Hope you've enjoyed. =)

P.S. Forgive all the little stars...I was fighting a losing battle to get the spaces to stay between the paragraphs.