Made: Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time: 10:14a.m


"Is anybody out there?"

"—out there?"

He wanders to the Echo Woods

Where the trees call out to him

Doing what the others would

Not, for he is abandoned.

"Can anybody hear me?"

"—ear me?"

Such a lonely life he lives through

With no friends or family

An outcast he's labeled, too

So he calls out to the trees.

"I've never come here before."


He walks through the underbrush

Not afraid at all

Slowly roaming and in no rush

He cups his mouth for another call.

"Will you be my friends?"


A smile grows widely on his face

As he climbs into a tree

He stays right there in that place

Never wanting to be free.

"You'll always be here, right?"


His lonely soul is still seen here

Talking to the trees

And they speak back without fear

For Echo Woods lasts eternities.