Heart Balloon

Dark and lovely, the day is gray and cloudy

with a highly chance of thunderstorms and

poisonous deadly worms. Busy, every human

that is living on the earth is a balloon floating

pass me without making an attempt to hug me.

Beautiful and youthful, the day slips away before

I can say I love you. Greatest tear jerker of all time,

committing suicide is a crime that can't be justified.

Irreplaceable and irresistible, silence comforts my

my confused and distressed mind until the wind sweeps

me off my feet. Merciless, cancer is a ballerina dancer

drifting across the universe searching for a dance partner.

In a blink of an eye, sick and dying people quietly slip away

all around the world without telling their friends and loved ones

goodbye. A sea of endless sorrow, dying American soldiers' cries

lingering in the corner of my mind prophesy there will be more

tears and blood to be shed tomorrow. Little white crosses guard

the graves of unborn babies whose names will remain unknown

forever. I wonder where do all of the aborted babies spend an

eternity after they die while I am free to breathe on the earth.