Black Rose

Stupid, she listened to cupid hoping to be the queen of England.

She was the prettiest swan that King Henry had ever seen in his life.

She never made him yawn because her talent always kept him

entertained at dawn. Her reign as both his mistress and queen

occurred during a time when princes were rare and women such as

Catherine of Arragon were barren. King Henry impregnated her wishing

she would give him a son. Strangely, she gave birth to a daughter named

Elizabeth instead of a son. She kept on losing her savior, a son as the result

of having miscarriages. Ironically, all of her evil plans backed fire on her toward

the end of her life which caused Henry to hate her and have affairs with other

women. Accused of being an adulteress, she was executed before all of her

friends, enemies and family members.