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That Night

They were fighting again. They didn't need to try to conceal it by telling me to go up to my room. It's not as if they try to keep their voices down so I can't hear. The only thing that blocks out Mum's voice screaming at Dad, demanding why he is at work all the time, is the heavy drum beat and fast guitar rhythms of Bon Jovi.

I pulled me headphones out of my ears and checked my alarm clock that was flashing the time in bold, red lettering. One in the morning. I slumped back against my pillows and sighed. They had been fighting for a full two hours. Dad worked at a warehouse and for the past few months had been working later and later. It was their five-year wedding anniversary today and Mum had booked a table at a swanky restaurant but Dad had worked overtime so they had missed it. Mum was livid. Dad obviously puts his work before his family.

I paused my internal ramblings and listened to see if Mum and Dad had finally gone to bed. The dripping of the bathroom tap was the only thing that disturbed the silence. I got up, quietly slipped on my dressing gown and crept out of my bedroom door, into the hallway.

As soon Mum and Dad went to bed, I would creep down the stairs and onto the patio in the back garden. From there you could see the little brook run playfully along the bottom of the garden and watch the trees dance in the wind. The moon created a spotlight on the place where I sat, bathing me in an innocent white light. It was the only time that everything melted away, all of the fights, the anger and the pain. It was just me and no one else.

The creak of the old, wooden floorboards brought me back to the present and I froze, praying that Mum and Dad were fast asleep. I lightly crept down the stairs, avoiding the loose floorboards, and made my way towards the back door.

Something caught my eye and I curiously headed towards the dining room. The heavy, oak panelled door was opened just a crack and the flickering candle light was seeping into the shadows of the kitchen. I slowly got down on my hands and knees and peered through the crack. A gasp escaped my mouth.

The flickering dance of the candles illuminated my father's bruised, bloody and beaten face. My mother was sat next to him, her face white with terror. She was shaking. Her hands were gripped together so tightly it looked as though her knuckles were screaming to break through her skin. A whimper escaped her mouth and she pressed her lips into a tight line, trying to hold in her scream. My Dad's eyes flickered to his right and I realised that they were not alone.

The sound of heavy footsteps filled the silent room, echoing of the walls. A scuffed boot came out of the shadows into the light. Its owner quickly followed and my blood ran cold.

The shadows created by the flickering candles cast half of his face in darkness, creating an even more menacing appearance. My eyes slowly travelled down from his face, my petrified gaze boring into his hard eyes; slits for pupils, to where his hand rested on his hip, fingers wrapped round an object, the shadows covering it from view.

A voice muttered from the other side of the room and I shifted silently to get a better view. There was another man, taller, broader than the other one. He was stood behind my Mum's chair, softly stroking her hair while silent tears cascaded down her face like a waterfall.

I wanted to scream at him to get his hands off her, I wanted to grab a knife and go and sever every finger on his body, but my fear kept me paralysed.

The first man move out of the shadows and I let out a gasp when I saw what he was holding. It was a gun. I started scrambling on the floor, trying to get to the phone to call the police, but in my panic, I grabbed the door handle to pull myself up. The door pushed open and I fell straight inside.

I lay there on the floor not daring to look up. My body started shaking and I felt sweat trickle from my hairline towards my brow.

"Well, well, what have we here then?" A refined, controlled voice rang out. My skin crawled at the sound of it. It was the kind of voice where on the outside, the owner is very calm and in control, but underneath they are bubbling and boiling. When they snap, no one survives.

"Get up!" He spat, in complete contrast top how he had sounded two seconds ago. I cautiously picked my self up off the floor and turned to face him. Now he was in the light I could see him more clearly. My stomach constricted and my heart raced with fear as I stared into the harsh slits that belonged to the thug that ran this estate.

Instinctively I took a step back and walked straight into his companion. He grabbed my arms restraining me as my mother let out a sob.

"What do you want me to do with her Logan?" He asked. Logan paused for a moment, his eyes flickering between my parents and me.

"Sit her down; she needs to hear what her Daddy has been getting up to." I felt the collar of my dressing gown being wrenched and my back was slammed into one of the dining chairs. I turned to face my Dad and he looked at me through his bruised, bloody face. Oh Dad what have you done? Why did you have to get involved with Logan?

Logan was the estate thug and an all round nasty piece of work. He had dealt in drugs, prostitution and crime. You name it, he had done it. Logan brings the guns out if he meant business. By the looks of things, he really meant business.

"Dad, what's happening?" I stammered, my voice constricting with fear. He looked down at the floor; his head bowed, his shoulders hunched over. He looked so broken, so defeated.

"Come one Dave." Logan sneered. "Tell them why you work all these long hours at the warehouse." My Dad stayed silent. "Looks like he is going to need a little persuasion." Logan said to his friend.

Suddenly, I was dragged from my chair and thrown against the wall. I felt the cold metal of a gun being pressed against my throat and the sound of the safety catch being pulled echoed around the silent room. My mouth went dry and tears began to flow uncontrollably from my eyes. Sweat began to pour down my neck and my hands began to tremble violently. I squeezed my eyes shut and began to pray.

"Just tell them Dave!" My Mum screamed, her voice hysterical. Still my Dad said nothing.

"Oh well." said Logan. "I guess we would have had to silence her anyway." The gun was pressed harder into my throat. I was now sobbing, tears pouring down my cheeks, staining the top of my dressing gown. I opened my eyes, not wanting my last moments in darkness. I wanted to see my parents, the people I loved. As his fingers clenched around the trigger, my Mum's scream filled the room. Just then, my Dad shouted something about telling them everything, and the trigger was pulled back.

The barrel clicked. That was it. The gun wasn't even loaded. It was removed from my throat and I collapsed on the floor, my legs unable to support my weight. I lay there gasping for air.

Quietly my Dad spoke "I was seeing another woman." He jerked his head toward Logan "His woman."

"Now you need to pay for it, as no one touches my property." said Logan as he walked around the back of my Dad's chair. He grabbed it and pulled it back. "His gun might not be loaded, but mine most certainly is."

My Dad grabbed my Mum's hand and squeezed it tightly. He looked towards me, his eyes full of love. Logan pressed the gun to my Dad's head and a scream escaped my mouth.

The door burst open and shouts filled the air. A gun was fired and Logan dropped his weapon, grabbing his hand, screaming in pain. My Mum grabbed my arm and pulled my up off the floor and outside into the street. I broke down, clutching her nightgown, wailing. I let it all out, all of my fear and pain. A police officer gently helped me and my Mum into a car.

I watched as my Dad was helped out of the house by two other officers. "You did good Dave." One of the officers slapped him on the back. I got out of the car and approached him, a confused look spread across my face until my Dad began to explain. "I was working for the coppers, someone had to stand up towards Logan. They had bugged the house, that's how they knew what was going on."

"The affair?" I asked.

"Part of the act." My Dad shrugged. "I had to get the information somehow." I threw my arms around him, glad that he was alright.

My Dad stiffened and I unwound my arms and looked behind him towards the front door. Logan and his friend were being lead towards a van . As he passed, Logan glared at my Dad, piercing him with a murderous gaze. My Dad's face went hard, unwilling to be intimidated.

The shutting of the van door made me jump and I felt my Mum's arms wrap around me, comforting me. My Dad put his arms around both of us and we watched the van fade away into the darkness of the night.

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