I know that many of you think your lives suck, and for whatever reason you wish you could be somebody else. I know that feeling, but take it from me- you're lucky. Now don't start protesting or anything. I know you may not have a perfect life. Honestly, who does? Maybe you'll understand a little better if I explain my point.

Basically, I'm not what you would call normal. Neither are my other six friends. See, when we were really young we were… altered by a secret organization called Domain. When my friends and I were between the ages of 1 and 5, Domain sent a trained assassin who killed our families and took one young survivor. Us. We were taken to Domain's secret lab and imprisoned. Most of us don't remember it. I do. I was 5 when it happened and I can remember every detail of the night the assassin came; every detail- but I don't want to talk about that.

Anyway, there's a reason we were taken so young. We were more easily altered since we hadn't fully developed. Domain wanted to change us. They wanted to make us powerful weapons against the world. They wanted to create a new race of super humans, a new and improved race. Me and my 6 other friends were the first victims, a test group if you will, to see if their experiment would work. In other words: to see if the alterations killed us so they could modify their methods. Along with strengthening us they wanted to give us a special ability, like a super power.

They found a way to achieve this through a rare chemical called golden elixir. When this chemical is regulated, mixed with a few other ingredients and inserted into a certain area of the brain, not only does the subject gain sharper senses and achieve the ability to do more physically than the average human but based on the other ingredients, they also gain a super power. It is incredibly risky and painful procedure and just about a billion things can go wrong during it. There's really only a 50/50 chance the subject will live through it. During the procedure, something went wrong, though I don't know what. I think they thought they had messed up and they thought we were going to die. So, they threw us out like we were garbage, far away from the Domain head quarters.

We would've died but this nice guy named Derek took us in and raised us. He had this gigantic house that his grandparents left him so there was room for all, even though I still think to this day, that Derek is a tad bit insane for taking in 7 kids. He took care of us for six years… until the car accident. When he died, none of us wanted to be split up so we got out of there. We've been living on our own for about 3 years now and that is where our story begins. My name is Kit. Welcome to my life.