Chapter 2: Affectionate Death Matches

The field was an idea that Rouge came up with when fights between Cameron and Carson became a daily occurrence… that and fights between Carson and Heckter and fights between Carson and Mina and fights between Carson and… just about everyone. Anyway, what started as an occasionally used way to get out your anger became our national past time. While most American kids go to baseball or football or basket ball games we watch and play fully powered fights! It's a lot more entertaining than watching a bunch of adult men fight over a ball… that's just my opinion.

Anyway, this huge field was a circular dirt arena about 30 feet across. It was complete with several torches for Carson to use, wells for Cameron and stone bleachers made by Mina for us to sit and view the fights. We're really in the front row seats. It's kind of like having front row seats in hockey except for there aren't any nice, firm plastic walls surrounding it which kind of made it dangerous.

But since when do we really care about danger?

We practice on the field once a week to keep our powers sharp, improve our powers, and also for family bonding… violent family bonding, but still.

Needless to say, as soon as we got to the field Carson immediately challenged Cameron to a duel.

"Something tells me this won't be pretty." Rouge said sitting as far back on the bleachers as possible.

"Ah come on," I sat down next to him "What's the worst thing they can do?"

"Kill each other" Rouge stated.

"Ok…" I tried again knowing that was a completely realistic possibility "What's the second worst thing they can do?"

"Maim each other beyond repair" Mina supplied.

"Well you're a cheerful bunch aren't you?" I muttered.

Mina and Rouge shrugged and said in unison "We try."

Cameron and Carson had taken their places on opposite ends of the field and were glaring daggers at each other.

"Ready!?" I called.

They both gave me a thumbs up.

"3, 2, 1… FIGHT!" Yeah I usually don't bother with pregame content like most of those announcers on those sports channels Rouge and Carson find so entertaining. I just want a good fight.

A ball of flame shot from Carson's hand and barreled straight towards Cameron which she dodged and countered with a jet of water.

Maybe I should explain how these powers work. You know how I said that Carson can use his power when there's fire around him. Well, when it is around he's able to just produce it… like the flame gives him power to produce his own fire. I don't really get how it works nor do I try to so if you're confused then don't worry about it. Cameron however, needs water around because she can't create it. She can only manipulate water and she still hasn't figured out how to transform water into ice and vice versa. But enough with the complicated explanations, let's get back to the epic battle.

There is a slight problem with a Cameron vs. Carson fight. They really are about equal in their abilities and since fire and water are opposites they basically cancel each other out. Just when you thought one of them was going to when the other came back and kept on fighting. Cameron managed to knock Carson to the ground but then he kicked her feet out from under her. Cameron lunged and tackled Carson and the two began an immature wrestling match of hair pulling and name calling.

"All right, break it up you two" I managed to pull them apart "I think we'll just call this one a draw."

"I could've beaten her" Carson muttered as I guided the twins back to the stone bleachers.

"In your dreams Sparky" Cameron teased with a sly grin.


I made sure the twins sat on opposite ends of the bleachers.

"Ok, who's next?" I asked.

"Heckter and I will go next," Mina offered "I promised I would teach him a few new techniques."

I nodded. See? We don't just try to kill each other out here. We also coach each other out her and we learned! It's just like PE… except for… not. Mina is one of the best people to coach because she's nice and straight forward.


Oh sorry, did I say nice? My mistake.

Truth be told Mina had high expectations and… questionable methods. As in, she absolutely demanded perfection. It's actually a little scary. Putting all that aside, she's the only one who can hope to keep spastic little Heckter in line.

After that training session, Rouge and I dueled each other, then Mina and Cameron, then Carson and Heckter and so on. After about two hours we broke for lunch, and I'm proud to say that I have got the art of making seven sandwiches in less than ten minutes down to science. After a short, leisurely break we're back on the field. For the second part of our training we don't use our powers, just our fists, feet and other potentially dangerous means of hurting people that are… you know… normal.

Now I know that some of you might be thinking "You have powers! Why the Heck do you need to learn normal fighting?"

Well, for starters, if we had to fight a "normal" person I doubt we'd want to announce to the world "Hey! We have super powers! Place under constant surveillance!" Sorry, but we aren't that stupid. That's why we learn to fight "normally". Plus Kallypso only has mind powers and she needs to be able to fight too.

We have all kinds of fights: one on one, two on two, three on three, four on three, ect. Because of some of the "enhancements" that were made on our brains we're faster and have quicker reflexes then a normal human. A normal person against us would go down in like, seconds. Speed wins over strength people! Of course, against each other… well, that beats a wrestling match any day!

After two hours of normal fighting we have one, all out, fully powered battle, three on three with Kallypso refereeing. For this particular battle it was Cameron, Carson and Rouge against Mina, Heckter and I.

Kallypso was standing well away from the field when she shouted "ON YOUR MARK, GET SET… GO!"

It's really weird when someone yells without moving their mouth.

As soon as her cry went out we charged at each other. I sent a blast of energy Cameron's way but she dodged and kept coming. Heckter was levitating a huge stick in front of him and waving it around wildly. From the other side, Carson and Cameron joined hands and sent a combination of water and fire spinning towards Mina. It's a signature move of theirs that we like to call Liquid Flame, and they only really cooperate with each other when they produce it. Luckily, Mina blocked it with a rock, because that stuff hurts like Hell if it hits you. Just before our groups clashed, Mina jumped as high as she could and slammed her fist into the ground sending out her signature move. It's basically a ripple or a wave of rock that is sure to knock any unsuspecting person off their feet. It tripped Cameron and Carson and even Rouge, master of speed, barely managed to avoid it.

Then our groups collided. I went for Rouge, Mina lunged at Cameron and Heckter tackled Carson.

Now I may have more power in my blasts of energy than Rouge does with his wind but he was mega quick. I shot a crackling blast of energy towards his narrow chest, but he spun smoothly out of the way with almost no effort.

He threw me off balance with a strong gust of wind, flipped agilely over my head and sent a sharp jab between my shoulder blades. I stumbled forward but recovered quickly and swung around in a roundhouse kick that caught Rouge straight in the chest.

Without pausing for a breath I grabbed Rouge's arm and flipped him over my shoulder. He hit the ground, rolled back and was up in a second before I could even try to pin him.

A blast of wind knocked me straight off my feet and the next thing I knew I was on the ground and Rouge was looming over me, his foot planted firmly on my chest.

"Give up?" he grinned down at me.

I flashed him a mischievous grin, "I don't think so". I enclosed my hands in a thin current of electricity and clasped Rouge's ankle. He yelped and leaped back and I jumped to my feet.

The fight was pretty even at the moment. Cameron and Heckter had surrendered to their previous opponents and now Mina and Carson were going for each other's throats.

I launched several blasts of hot energy at Rouge in succession. He dodged all but the last one which managed to catch him in the shoulder. This stunned him just long enough for me to seize his arm and twist it behind his back.

"Who's giving up now?" I panted, grinning triumphantly.

"I guess that would be me." Rouge's breathing was heavy. "You win this one, Kit."

I nodded and let Rouge go. Over to my right Mina had succeeded in encasing all but Carson's head in rock and was watching his struggles with obvious amusement.

"LET ME GO DANG IT!" Carson yelled.

Mina shook her head sighing, "You didn't say the magic word."


"You can let him go Mina." I sighed, rolling my eyes. "We won."

Mina looked slightly disappointed. "Oh, fine." She held up her hand and the rocks fell away and sank back into the earth.

Carson steadied himself and glared at Mina. "That was not funny!"

"Yes, yes it was," Mina said bluntly with a half grin.

"No kidding," Heckter laughed loudly.

"Great fighting everyone," Kallypso applauded "But we have a little problem."

"Pray tell, what might that be?" I raised one eyebrow.

"Hikers," Kallypso announced. "They're headed this way. Their thoughts are getting louder. There are… four of them."

Everyone sat up right grinning, all of the exhaustion from our training instantly washed from their faces.

"Guess we should take care of that," Rouge sighed, trying and failing to look bored.

"I think you're right Rouge." I stood. "Places everyone!"

Five minutes later, we were all in the trees bordering the old hiking trail. The trail was narrow and large portions of it were overgrown with undergrowth from lack of use. Every once in awhile, however, we got a few curious hikers. When we did, well… we couldn't have them finding our cabin could we?

The four hikers came into view. They all looked like college aged kids, two boys and two girls.

"See, I told you this was the best trail to hike in the whole city!" said a boy with wispy golden hair, green eyes and a dark tan. He looked like he belonged by the beach, not out here by the mountains.

There was a beach blonde girl at his side. "Yeah, maybe, but I'd totally rather be back at the beach." Oh so they were from the beach. That explains a lot.

"Guys, we shouldn't be here." said another girl who looked much more like the mountain type.

"Why?" the beach boy asked in a cocky voice that made me feel like punching him.

"They say these woods are haunted," said the second boy, glancing around nervously.

Yeah, I guess I should explain the whole haunted thing. See, we didn't really want any hikers stumbling upon seven unaccompanied minors in the middle of the woods. The solution? We scare them off of course! Kallypso makes a great warning system and combine that with the excitement and fun it provides and you've got yourself a hobby!

Rumors travel pretty fast and soon everyone was talking about the "Haunted woods". Pretty soon, we hardly got any hikers at all, but when we did we had a plan.

"You believe in that stuff?" The beach boy asked in disbelief. "I don't believe in haunted things."

"Well neither do we," I thought. "But that doesn't keep us from in forcing the belief on others!"

Beside me, Kallypso stifled a giggle.

I signaled Rouge from my tree. A strong gust of wind blew over the path stirring up the leaves and tossing the hair of the college kids about.

The beach boy's face had a touch of nervousness on it. "Just the wind," he mumbled.

"Maybe we should go back, Clark," The beach blonde girl whispered.

The boy who I assumed was Clark shook his head. "Come on. You gonna let a little breeze scare you?"

I signaled Kallypso.

Her voice filtered into all of our minds. "Leave," she said in a really creepy possessed voice that sounds suspiciously like a talking doll. "You shouldn't have come. You are not welcome here."

"Wh- who are you?" Clark backed up.

Queue Mina. A vine snaked out from behind a tree and wrapped around Clark's ankle. With a swift jerk it pulled him to the ground. The beach Blonde girl screamed and the other boy and girl took off.

"I said leave," Kallypso hissed.

Clark freed his ankle then, grabbing the blonde girls hand, they both ran for it.

There was silence for a brief moment then we all exploded into laughter, practically falling out of our trees.

"That just never get's old!" Carson was laughing so hard that tears were coming to his eyes.

I grinned surveying my friends. They were nothing less than my family. My little family of freaks.

"Come on guys," I said patting Kallypso's shoulder. "Let's go home. I'm exhausted."

"Ditto" Rouge agreed.

With that, we headed back to our cabin. As we walked home, I couldn't help but think that despite all of the horrible things that had happened in my life, I wouldn't trade mine for anyone else's. I wished it could stay like this forever. It couldn't of course, because this is my life. I had no clue how far it was about to plummet.

None of us did.