The icing, after what seemed like ages, was finally nearing the right consistency he needed it. It had become infuriating in the time he had been hugging the bowl, nowhere in the recipe did it say that stirring icing would be so hard. However, nowhere did it say he had to do it all by hand. Of course, normal people had electronic mixers, but he felt it lessened the experience. The more you suffer the better the outcome right?

The bowl clattered against the counter as he, somewhat violently, set it down. The fridge roared to life again when he pulled open the door, starting another cooling cycle. He kicked the door back shut after pulling out the cake part of the process. Carrying it over to the stove he heard footsteps behind him.

"Don't you dare," he glanced over, finding his roommate eyeing him like a kid who had just been caught red-handed.

"I've been here too long, becoming predictable," a mental note to himself?

"Yeah, predictable, that's exactly what you are..."

he turned his attention back to the cake, focusing on what came next. He should probably dye the icing before he let it set for a moment or so, but he was more interested in making the decorations for putting on the icing. He briefly noticed that he had been staring intently at the cake, as if it were something magical, while he held onto the decorating kit for dear life.

Unfortunately he had noticed too late, and was brought back to reality, not by his self, but his roommate, who had decided if he couldn't have the icing from the bowl he would lick it off his face.

"What the hell!" he pulled away from him, listening to him laugh.

"Guess I'm not that predictable..."

he glared, wiping his cheek off. What exactly had compelled him to board with this nutcase? Oh right, he had been the only sane one. He sometimes wondered what that said about all those he rejected.

"That icing is really good."

"You're sick. And completely insane," the words made his roommate's eyes light up with joy. Yeah, there was definitely something to be said about the others. "But least of all, predictable! Why the hell would you lick me?"

"Because you weren't facing the right direction."

"Right direction for—"

his mischievous roommate stopped him before he could get the words out. The decorating kit slipped from his hands as he felt his face heat up. His heart skipped a beat, he felt slightly frightened by all of the new sensations. The hands on his face, the eyes surveying him, the sudden dizziness, but most of all the lips. The lips against his. The cake, needless to mention, had been long forgotten. He found it amazing that his brain still had so many questions.

He decided right there that he had picked the most insane, most oblivious, most lazy, most annoying roommate on the face of the earth. But also, surprisingly, the most right roommate.

It was one of those defining moments that later in life you would look back on, and decide that it shaped the world. One of those character defining moments. One of those moments that you would miss for years, and one of those moments that only unpredictable people could bring you.

And, as many before him, he refused to let it end without a fight. Timidly, he moved his hand upward, intertwining his fingers in the hair of his insane friend. Of course, now he felt rather insane, to actually want this to continue on. His roommate took the gesture as a cue and pushed him against the counter intensifying the kiss.

Insanity wasn't so bad after all. Maybe he had known that all along. Maybe that's why he decided to choose him over all the other nut cases. Even if it never worked out, he would learn something. Maybe the answers to the billions of questions his head kept discovering would be included. And, if this were the only way he could be taught, he would finally enjoy learning.