Crow and the Three Wishes

It was a cold, foggy morning as Raven woke up. Looking outside she saw birds flying and the sun shining, brightly.

Silently she went downstairs; the floorboards creaked under the weight.

"Raven!" turning Raven sees her sister Kate coming downstairs. Kate was pale, but had such a bright smile on her face. The two shared a bond that their brother, Marcus, envied. He couldn't share the closeness they had.

Raven smiles, betraying the pain she felt, knowing that her sister couldn't get better. "I'm going outside for a walk." Raven tells Kate. "Can you bring me something back?"

Raven smiles and nods and quietly slips outside. Marcus was frowning, he hated the fact he couldn't get close to Kate as Raven could.

Raven took off, jogging into the dense forest. Slowly she began to slow down. Suddenly the bushes rustled and piercing cries were heard. Raven cautiously walked up to the bush and saw a large crow caught in a trap.

Kneeling down, she carefully stretched her hand out to the trap, the crow squawked and tried to get away, but Raven gently opened the trap and allowed the crow to fly out and perch on her shoulder as Raven walked to the pond.

There the crow flew off and landed on the ground, turning into a girl with long dark black hair and eyes who said," Thank you for saving me. I shall give you three wishes."

Raven watched as the girl turned back into a crow and flew off leaving three pitch black feathers in its now vacant spot. Kneeling down Maya picked them up and a pink rock for Kate as she began to walk back home.

"I'm home!" Raven called out as she entered the quiet home as Kate ran up asking," What did you bring back?" Raven smiled and handed her the rock to her before asking," Kate what do you want more than anything?"

Kate looks at Raven and smiles warmly," For you and Marcus to be happy." Raven smiles and nods before heading up to her room.

Pulling out a feather Raven silently wishes for her sister to get well so she could live a long happy life free from the cancer that wrecked her frail body. Several hours passed and Kate began to show signs of being healthy. She was awake more and gained more color in her face.

Raven sat upstairs as she thought of her brother, Marcus. He was unhappy and lonely. With that in mind Raven wished for her brother to be happier, even though it was wrong for her to do so by a wish.

Over the next few days Marcus began to open up and the siblings grew closer. Raven never used the last feather, keeping it as a reminder of the joy and happiness it had caused between her and her family.