Persephone's Flight.

Chapter One: An Illogical Love

A HadesxPersephone story. :] The abduction of Persephone has always been my favorite from Greek Mythology. So, I decided to go deeper into the story by writing it my style. Hope you like it! Please review; its the only way I can get better as a writer. :]

Inspired by CultOfStrawberry's "Darkness Becomes Her."


Hades had a request for Zeus; he had desired for a bride for many centuries, but no person seemed catch his eye, or stir feelings inside of his heart. He was a stern god, but not unloving. Only two nymphs in the past he had let thaw the ice that seemed to surround his heart, but they were merely flings, and nothing about them suggested otherwise.

Oh, how he desired to have a wife as his own, but no mortal or goddess had captivated him. Well, that was until recently... he mused to himself, and his heart quickened as he thought of her radiant smile when she grew her first flower from the earth.

Ever since that day in her mother's garden, he longed for her. At first, he thought himself to be a little mad; why did this particular girl have such an effect on him? But the harder he tried to convince himself that these feelings weren't of affection, and just merely an effect of his lack of love in the past, the worse it grew. Finally, one day, he could not take the ache that throbbed in his chest any longer. He excused himself from his duties and went to the Upper World to see her.

Just to see her, he thought, would help subside this illogical affection he had for her. Invisible, he found her walking alone in the woods, carefully looking at the nature her mother, Demeter, had made.

Each of her movements were careful and delicate; her bare feet danced gracefully across the forest floor, and long wisps of her hair had escaped the confines of her braid. Unseen by him, she grew frustrated when her hair fell into her eyes, and with one smooth movement, her hair was now undone, splayed against her delicate shoulders.

She looked like a goddess.

Oh, how he longed to touch her flawless skin, her lustrous hair.

But he refrained, knowing that if he acted irrationally on his impulses, he would frighten her. Or worse, she would run screaming, and tell her mother. Her mother would most definitely ban her daughter from these walks alone in the woodlands, and would forbid him to see her. Her freedom would be lost; the freedom and innocence that defined her. She would hate him, and in turn, he would grow lovesick for her, and that was something he simply could not bear.

So, he followed her, feeling his heart hammer in his chest, as he watched her walk from tree to tree, flower to flower, trying to learn from her mother's craft.

She stopped suddenly, and Hades instinctively shrank behind a tree, fearful she had discovered his presence. But only a dark purple flower had caught her eye, and she stooped to brush her fingers along its petals. Smiling, she gazed at it for awhile longer, before she continued on her stroll.

He let her go, realizing that this ache he had wouldn't subside. Fear suddenly consumed him; he must have her, but what if she did not return his affections? She surely must; he was a god after all, and he was much more loyal than his younger brother Zeus, who had borne countless numbers of children from his affairs. But no, he would be a good and loyal husband to this beautiful girl he barely knew.

Suddenly, he had an idea.

He would ask the Fates of her future, and then demand to be in it.

Of course, he would have to ask Zeus' permission; it was his sister's child that he was wishing to marry. But blessing or not, he would have her. As he descended to the Underworld, he smiled.

Oh, he would have her...


Hades decided he would ask for Zeus' blessing now, rather than later. After consulting the Fates, he felt confident that he would have her, even if Zeus refused to give him his blessing of marriage. Not that his blessing actually mattered; it was merely a formality that anyone wishing to marry had to go through.

"Hermes," Hades said, after he had spotted him talking with Aphrodite. "Tell Zeus that I wish to speak with him. I have a very... urgent matter that I need attended to."

"Yes, Hades. I'll deliver your message at once." He hesitated a second before running across the courtyard to Zeus' palace.

Both Hermes and Aphrodite were confused to see him here, that was evident by their surprise when they first saw him. He had not made trips to Mount Olympus often; he much rather preferred his home in the Underworld. It wasn't that he disliked his brothers and sisters. But everything about Olympus: its gossip and scandal, its constant battles for power and ego, and even the brightness of the place irritated him. Tarturus was a much simpler place; everything had an order about it. Hades was the Lord of the Underworld, and nobody tried to take that away from him.

Hades smirked slightly when he saw Hermes returning so quickly. His eagerness to please everyone was one of the better reasons why he was chosen as the messenger of the gods.

"Zeus is pleased to have an audience with you, Lord Hades," Hermes replied. Hades scoffed at the idea. "He has no important matters to attend to now, so if you will follow me, you can speak to him."

"Thank you, Hermes."

Hermes simply smiled. "You're welcome. Follow me."


"You want my permission for a bride, Hades? A bride?" Zeus asked, shocked. Clearly, this was not what he expected when Hermes told him he had something urgent to discuss.

"Yes, Zeus. It is what I want," he replied.

"You are no mere mortal, or have you forgotten? You, Hades, are a god. You may do as you wish. Take whomever you want as yours."

Hades bit back his irritation at his brother's ignorance. "I require your blessing, Zeus."

"You need my blessing, Hades? That's ironic, don't you agree? You, my brother, need nothing from me. If I refused to give you my blessing, would you not disregard me anyway?"

Hades smiled broadly. "You know me well, brother. But there is another reason why I need your blessing other than it being a custom..." He hesitated slightly. "Demeter. She is so protective of her daughter, that there is no possible way that I could court her. So, I require your permission that I may do so, without Demeter's consent."

"Do you think that is wise?" Zeus asked, smirking slightly.

"It is the only possible way. Surely you see that."

"Demeter's daughter... why her? Surely there are countless other women that you could have."

"Yes, but... she is the only one that I want, she is the only one that haunts me, Zeus."

Zeus wrinkled his eyebrows in confusion. "Explain to me how she haunts you, Hades."

"Her beauty, her grace, her figure. I ache for her, Zeus. Her smile is so lovely, and I can't go one day without seeing her face. I can't concentrate on anything else. She's driving me to insanity."

"You desire her that much?"

"I do."

"Describe her to me."

"I believe she is a demi-goddess, for I have never seen her father. She is graceful and intelligent, and most certainly innocent; her mother keeps her locked away from men on that island. She's curious about things. She likes to walk alone in the woods, observing nature. She has her mother's gift, for I have seen her grow flowers from seedlings."

Zeus pondered this information before speaking. "You know not her name?"

"No," Hades responded, trying not to feel foolish.

"From your description, she is most certainly Kore, the Girl Maiden and Spring Goddess."

"Why have I not heard of her before this? A full Goddess is unknown to the people of Olympus?"

"As you said, Demeter keeps her secluded on that island for her virtue. She does not wish any man to hurt her, as she has been hurt before. You see, that is partly my fault. Before I married Hera, I courted Demeter, as you know."

Hades nodded in agreement.

"Well, she produced a child, Hades. The child that you now wish to be yours is my daughter. Her mother is Demeter. She is a full Goddess."

Hades was momentarily speechless. His daughter by Demeter?

But he quickly regained his composure. "Do I have your blessing, Brother? May I take your daughter, Kore to be my wife, Queen of the Underworld?"

Zeus smiled slightly. "You do."

Hades smiled in relief, hugging Zeus in his victory. "Thank you, Brother. I will repay you for your kindness."

"No need."

Hades smiled, and then asked, "How should I convince her to be my wife? I don't want to frighten her away."

"Be creative."

Hades frowned slightly and then smiled at an idea...


Kore was taking her usual walk in the forest, enjoying the quietness and beauty of nature. She always observed the trees and plants when she was walking, but she didn't know why. It didn't occur to her why she was looking for something so intently, but every flower she observed, and then tried to replicate. She enjoyed inheriting her mother's gift, and intended to put it to good use.

The sun suddenly shone brightly on a flower near the base of a tree. It caught her eye; she had never seen anything quite like it before. The petals were such a deep purple, that they were almost black, and the red veining near the center was a sharp contrast to the darkness. She was amazed by this flower, how delicate and vibrant it seemed! Her amazement was soon replaced by jealously. Her mother had made this flower, and she had not showed her how. Why didn't her own mother trust her enough to confide in a new creation she had made?

Angrily, she plucked the flower from the ground, and it withered at her touch. Horrified, she dropped the dead flower with a gasp. When she turned around, a stranger was watching her. He smiled at her reaction, and then said:

"You killed it, you see."

"W-What?" she trembled. "I can't have..."

Hades smiled broader now, while his heart was hammering at the sound of her voice.

"Let me explain. That flower was not meant to be handled by people, only observed. If a person tries to take its beauty, then it crumbles into dust."

"Oh, I didn't know. I am sorry to have touched it. It was such a beautiful flower... My mother must have recently made it."

"Oh, you're mother didn't make it. I did, for you."

Her eyes widened prettily with shock.

"Why did you make it for me? What do you want?" she eyed him distrustfully.

"I wanted to show you how beautiful you are to me, and I want nothing in return."

She gasped in her shyness, and avoided his gaze. She regained her voice after a moment. "You truthfully want nothing from me in return?" she asked.

He shuddered. "Well, I do want something from you in return, but I am afraid that I cannot have it yet," Hades replied, his hand reaching out to touch her cheek.

She flinched when he touched her face.

"I am sorry, Kore. I don't mean to frighten you. It's just..."

"Yes?" she asked, her curiosity overwhelming her.

His eyes smoldered into hers.

"I've wanted you for so long..." he whispered, and she could hear the roughness in his voice.

She trembled as he loomed over her, her mother's warning of men ringing in her ears.

"Please," Kore whispered. "Don't hurt me, stranger."

"Look at me, Kore."

She timidly glanced up at him, and he bent closer and whispered. "I will never hurt you in any way. I have loved you for such a long time from a distance that I cannot control myself. But if it makes you uncomfortable, I will stop."

"How do you know me?" she asked, after she considered his statement, and decided that he was a truthful man.

"I was walking on this island when I saw you one day, growing a flower from a seed in seconds. I haven't been able to stay away from you since..."

She blushed hotly. A startling thought came to her mind. "You-You haven't..." she whispered, unable to finish her sentence.

"No, you remain pure." He purred as he stroked her cheek again.

"Have you not heard of me, Kore?"

She shook her head, feeling confused. "I have known very little men in my life. So please, don't be offended if I am supposed to know who you are. I do not know you, I am sorry."

To her surprise, he flashed her a smile, and chuckled.

"I am Hades. Lord of the Underworld."

"I'm not... dying, am I?" she asked, fear evident in her face.

"The eternal question," Hades replied with a smirk. "No, you are not dying, Kore."

She was confused. "Then why are you here with me?"

"Have I not made my intentions clear? I desire you greatly."

A lovely blush appeared on her cheeks. "You, a god, desire me?"

"Yes, very much so."

"And you do not wish to force yourself upon me?"

"No, I didn't think that would be wise... Although, my self-control is slipping every minute I am standing next to you, touching your skin, breathing in your scent..."


"Yes?" he asked, breathing against her neck.

"I'm scared."

"You have nothing to be afraid of... I will not hurt you."

Gently, slowly, his lips met hers, and the blood in his veins boiled. After he broke the kiss, he asked, "I wish for you to be my queen, Kore. Queen of the Underworld..."

The Underworld? The place of no sunshine, no happiness? A dull, dark, scary place, with nobody to hear her? Her mother...

"No," she replied quietly. "I am sorry, Lord Hades, but I cannot simply go there."

He grabbed her wrists swiftly, angered by her refusal. Grabbing onto her dress, he held her in his arms, and covered her screams of protest with his hands.

"You will."

And the earth split into two pieces, consuming them, leaving only the withered flower as evidence of their presence there.


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