Prompt; Someday...

Minimum Word Count: 42 words

Slightly inspired by Dear Agony-Breaking Benjamin

someday, perhaps we'll meet again,
on the balcony of our dreams,
on the line that separates reality from the surreal,

and i'll kiss you, and hold you,
and be close enough to hear it break
feel your spirit die so slowly inside

i can see it in your eyes
as we say adieu
you want me to, you've always

i want me to, i've always

destroying you
it would be worth it,
it would be liberating,

to feel your tears
to smell your fear
my mouth waters

i feel like i've lost my senses
becoming the monster i am
only with you,

let me taste you
one more time
before you walk away

let me kill you
one more time
before she can start.