Am I honestly worth dying for?

This worthless being strung out on cocaine and heroin.

Racing from the darkness, there isn't much left.
The light is closing up, and there's no air to breathe.

Don't forget me.
She said, she said so easily.

Drowning in alcohol and vices,
Society fades to black

Funny how with a little help
Nothing stands out.

Not the flashy punks with sports cars
That they borrowed from their parents

Looks like they died, at least the headlines say

Oops, guess they forgot about impaired judgment
I wonder if those parents are pissed about their car,

Sit back and laugh, at least you're responsible
Responsible vices, reflecting on the dead

Are they worth dying for?

Pain will be accented
Numbness magnified

Life is drained by corporate junkies
Who can't remember their neighbor

That's what you were taught right?
That's good ol' pop for you,
Bet he beat it in nice and solid too.

Pass that over here.
He swore, he swore so easily.

Surrender it up
Let fate decide

Lets see where this leads
Sex in the backseat

-Wait, was she fifteen?

Very proud of ya kid.
The voices mock, laughter, laughter.

Find a way to shut them up.

Because kid, starting today, you'll be worth dying for.