A Robin's Song.

Throughout the air, a new feeling—unease
Caused by the rolling thunder.
A once gentle breeze,
A flash of light.

A sweet caress that is the flight
Of the rain, so tender, so loving.

Misery unrelenting,
Is the might
Of some unseen being.

People are cowering from their fear.
Aren't you being too harsh, my dear?

Lightning strikes as an answer;
The waters swirl and the sea foams.
People cry out and fire roams.

"Why, this is the last of our days," they moan and
Every knee is bent, every mouth is whispering while
She prays:

"Your wrath is improbable; they have done nothing wrong.
This you know, dear husband."

His fury is unshakable,
His wrath is deafening.
He has even forgotten

Why he has became this way.
But he cannot stop, and so her request
Falls on deaf ears.

"I must save them, for I am certain they are innocent," she decides.
And so, she picks the bravest bird to call out before the storm can even be heard.

He hears the bird's song; it soothes his soul.
The melody causes calm, and he soon forgets
His anger that was so strong.
The people, once scared, are now laughing.
How can a simple creature do what they could not?

The bird has earned my respect, he states.
Her laughter rings throughout the world; her smile filters through the trees.
What makes you laugh so? He inquires, and waits.
A robin.


Author's Note:

(Edited on: 8/22/10)

This poem is based on two mythological people; Mother Earth, and Zeus, or some other weather controlling god. I know that they really aren't in the same mythology stories, but I didn't think Demeter would really fit her; its more of a goddess that watches out for her people, while Demeter controls the harvest, and such. Anyways, so that's how I came up with the dialogue between the two people.

The italicizes words are Mother Earth, and the bolded words are of Zeus. But I'm sure you noticed that already... ;)

As for the robin, they're known to sing right before and after a storm is on its way; so I imagined that people would use it as a warning. I know they probably aren't the only bird to sing before it rains, but robins happen to be my favorite bird. :)

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