Random story that I found in an old notebook. :)


It was a cold and bitter afternoon. The wind blew the golden leaves off the trees with a mighty force. It showed no mercy to any living thing as it whistled recklessly though the street. It seemed that it was just yesterday when the wind came from the south; a nice, care-free breeze.

Funny how good things can turn bad in a single heartbeat.

As another gust of chilly wind whipped the most stubborn leaves off of the branches, it caused the brave citizens who ventured outside to scuttle back to their houses very quickly. All except one. She merely turned her back to the wind, pulled the felt blanket tightly around her shoulders and began to walk away. It didn't really matter where she was headed.

Anywhere but here was fine with her.

Up the road, a man was selling an assortment of goods, including some very warm looking fabrics that put the girl's own scrap of felt to shame. Quietly, she watched the scene before her, wondering how she could get her hands on one of those fabrics. The man and his customer were arguing over the price of the items in question. She had no problem hearing them. A hint of a smile played on her lips.

Since the previous two harvests hadn't been very profitable, the frail looking woman had little money to spend on these overpriced fabrics, she learned. But it was a necessity; winter was just around the corner. The woman obviously didn't want to freeze in her own home anytime soon.

"I will pay you no more than 20 pieces."

"These fabrics are of extreme value; at least 35 pieces."

The woman cried in rage; that was half a year's salary.

"For the last time! 25 pieces," she said, raising her price slightly.

"Deal." The man looked pained, but he was still happy that he had made a sale.


Author's Note:

That's all I wrote. Literally, the story stops there in the middle of dialogue. I must have been busy that day, or encountered the evil writer's block...

I have decided to write this story for this year's NaNoWriMo. :) It will be a fantasy type story, and I will upload it after November is over with, and after I've edited it extensively. :P

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