Stumble, Bumble, Crumble

"Hey, here she comes." said Fred as he elbowed Steve. Steve turns in the direction of Freds' voice. There she was walking down the sidewalk looking like an angel.

"YooHoo" called Steve in an unusual high pitched voice. He smiled as he got her attention. She smiled back and turned to join them.

"Well, here is my cue to leave." said Fred.

"Hi guys." said Sally as she walked up to their cafe table. Fred pushed back his chair.

"You're not leaving on account of me are you?" Sally asked Fred.

"No, no. I have to go. Come join Steve. I would hate to see him drink his tea all alone." said Fred.

"Ta ta" said Steve to Fred.

"Don't make fun of my grandmother's tatas." said Fred as he covered his chest in a protective manner turning away from Steve. Steve and Sally chuckled together and Fred walked off.

"Join me, you don't want to leave me here all alone do you?" asked Steve with a pout on his lips. Oh, how Sally loved the opportunity to stare at his whole mouth.

"Lonely are you?" said Sally.

"Not any longer." answered Steve with a smile. For a moment their eyes locked, but then Sally broke away and looked at the menu.

"I think I'm hungry. I'll have some pie." said Sally.

"I like pie." said Steve.

"Want to share a piece?" asked Sally.

"No, you get your own, I'll get mine." said Steve.

" OK." said Sally as she studied harder, not realizing Steve was studying her. Finally she looked up right when the waitress showed up. She ordered the strawberry rhubarb, saying it was her favorite, he ordered the Key Lime, saying it was the test of a good pie establishment.

"Nice Day, huh?" said Sally.

"Wonderful, now that spring is here." said Steve.

"Steve?" asked Sally.

"Yes." answered Steve as he looked right into her eyes making her catch her breath.

"I want to say something crazy. And I never get to be alone with you, so," said Sally but she was interrupted by Steve.

"Have you seen the new comedy out at the movie theaters?" said Steve.

"No, but" started Sally and then she stopped. Their food arrived and Sally felt herself folding inside like a paper folded in half over and over until it could not bend any more. She ate her pie quietly. Steve noticed the change, but didn't respond while he ate. When he finished he opened the dialogue again.

"You stopped before, when you were going to say something crazy." said Steve with patient eyes.

Sally pulled up all her courage and said, "Sometimes, when we speak on the phone you say things."

Steve asked, "What things?"

"You mumble things that I take to mean, oh forget it. I told you it was crazy." said Sally.

"No, go on." said Steve.

"You've been a better friend to me then I have ever told you." said Sally.

"I'm glad we are friends." said Steve.

"No, I mean, you have helped me in ways that you may not have ever intended and I wanted to thank you." said Sally.

"Well, you're welcome." said Steve.

"My friendship for you has become deeper then just wanting you as a friend. Is that disturbing?" asked Sally.

"Disturbing? no. However you feel is not disturbing to me." said Steve.

"I, I want to be more then just friends." said Sally as she reaches across the small cafe table to place her hand on top of his and he places his other hand on top of hers. Their eyes meet and they gaze into each others eyes in silence. Sally smiles and Steve breaks the silence.

"I want to be more then just friends to." said Steve. "I just don't know how things will progress and I don't want to hurt you."

"I know I don't have much experience with dating, but I wouldn't worry about what I can take from you." said Sally.

"Heart strings are delicate instruments." said Steve with a smile and he gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

"I'm drawn to you like a moth to a flame." said Sally. "Yet, I don't see the danger."

"We have ," Steve began, but Sally interrupted him.

"I know I'm difficult, meeting you in secret, but please let me into your life." said Sally with an edge of desperation in her voice. Still holding hands Steve stands up making Sally join him. He takes a step toward her and wraps his arms around her. Their stare intensely into each others eyes and then his flutter as he bend forward to touch his lips with hers. From Sally's point of view the whole world vanishes and they are together in a void of white. She presses her lips harder and the kiss becomes a lure and Steve is caught in the net. He starts to let his defensive walls down and he tangles his fingers in her long strawberry blond hair. He finally pulls back and they breath heavy with their heads tilted together and touching at the tips of their noses. The colors and sounds of the world start to come back into focus.

"Wow, " said Steve. Sally gave small kisses around his mouth.

"I think I have a new favorite." said Sally and she continued," Key Lime Pie, the test of a great kiss. Can I have another taste?"