Amber raced down the marble stairs of Derrick Black's house, her brain already switched into what her friends liked to call 'Lawyer Bitch Mode'. Lovingly, of course. Mr. Black was in no condition to give any formal statements, but he would be able to tell them where he has been for the last 24 hours and proclaim his innocence. Any further questions would have to wait until morning, when they would go to the police station together.

She paused at the doorway, taking a moment to do a mental once-over and catch a quick look at herself in one of the many mirrors that hung on the walls. Adjusting her glasses and tugging lightly at the bottom of her jacket, she reached forward and unlatched the lock on the front door before letting it swing open a bit, peeking her head outside.

What appeared to be a detective stood on the porch, his back to the door. His hands where on his hips, making his long light brown jacket bunch up slightly. He wore slightly beat up shoes that were beginning to show some age and slacks, obviously used to doing more desk work these days than anything else. His hair was cut short and had flecks of gray in it and when he turned to face Amber she could tell that he hadn't shaved since the morning before.

"Is Derrick Black available to come to the door?" He said quickly, his eyes a silver blue and looking tired.

"No, he's not," She replied, "Are you a detective?"

"I guess the word spreads fast. You a groupie?" He raised an eyebrow at her before giving her a tasteful once-over.

"I'm his lawyer," Amber's eyes narrowed. She was getting quite tired of words like 'adoring', 'fan', and 'groupie'.

"Mm. I see," He reached out his hand, "Detective Aaron Ringwald."

"Amber Washington," She grabbed his in a brisk handshake, "I guess you have some questions."

"I'd prefer to speak to Mr. Black in person." Aaron said, reaching inside his jacket pocket to pull out a small notepad. He flipped it open and turned to what appeared to be a fresh page before digging in his other pocket for a pen.

"He's not available right this moment-"

"Don't lie, I'm plenty available," Came a voice from beside her. Amber turned to see Derrick walking down the stairs, wearing what appeared to be the same slacks as before, still paired with no shirt. His hair was tousled and damp, hanging around his shoulders and bare chest that also appeared to still be slightly wet, "Especially if our visitor is a fine female such as yourself."

Amber ignored the wink he threw at her as the Detective took the opportunity to step inside. She had to bite her tongue to keep from stating that she had never actually invited him inside.

"Afraid not, Mr. Black." The detective said somberly, "I do however, have a few questions for you regarding your whereabouts this evening."

"Been here all night Mr. Detective. Scout's honor." Derrick made a saluting gesture and gave the detective a big grin, which he did not return.

"Unfortunately that's not good enough alone. Do you have any witnesses to corroborate your alibi?" Aaron was jotting down a few notes onto paper before glancing up at Derrick.

"Well, Debbie and Kim, a couple of what you might refer to as my 'groupies', as well as myself got here around 10 after dinner downtown where hundreds of people and paparazzi saw us. We then got into the hot tub and stayed in there til probably... One or two. Then they left." Derrick said slowly, taking a seat in one of the antique chairs a few feet away from the detective. He motioned to the other one for Aaron to sit in as well, but he politely refused.

"So these ladies you were with... Either of them have a last name?"

"I'm lucky to remember their first names, after a night like that…" Derrick winked knowingly at the detective before extending his arm out to one of the many bartables around, "Now, would you care for a drink?"

"No thank you, Mr. Black. I'm rather busy trying to establish a solid alibi and you aren't helping very much." The tone in Aaron Ringwald's voice was flat, hinting on annoyed.

"Well, please. Why don't you allow me to have my assistant here gather up the names you need and I can drop by the police station at a more proper hour for an interview." Derrick's smile fell slightly as he dropped his hands into his pockets, leaning his hips outward and bouncing softly on the balls of his feet.

Aaron slowly lowered his writing pad, slipping the pen into it before flipping it closed. His own eyes were beginning to droop and he thought longingly of the small bed in the police station for cases like these. As badly as he wanted to stay here and get a full story, he knew that with his mind as exhausted as it was, he was sure to forget the important details; such as how Derrick was saying what he said, where his hands were, all the little things that together told far more than what was actually being said.

Like now, he was missing the death glares that Amber had been shooting at Derrick since he referred to her as his 'assistant'.

"Alright, then. I'll see you in the morning, around 9," Aaron made a move towards the door while Amber opened it for him. He paused before fully exiting, turning and looking back at the dark-haired rockstar.

"And Derrick… Do not be late."

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