I say I love you

Like I'm throwing it away, hoping

it'll blow into your path and you'll pick it up and

keep it.

Not valuable enough to return, unopened

Not earth-shaking, just simple truth.

If I say it simply, say it often

maybe you'll believe it.

I don't usually give you time to respond –

It's not a trade or a bargain. I don't

expect you to love me.

But I hope.

I hear it in your silences, and feel it

in your fingertips. It's in the way you

beam at me, and gasp my name.

It's there.

And sometimes I pause after, when you look

at me so softly, and I have my heart in my eyes.

And you'll say nothing, or maybe


The unsaid breaks my heart; each

silence another finger of doubt.

Will you love me? Now? Ever? How long

can I wait?