Slamming my locker door, I made a mad dash past everyone in the hall. I ran without stopping, banging twice into some moron who dared cross my path in the morning. I ducked out of sight when our principal came out of his office, up the stairs, dodging everyone, but I didn't stop running until I reached the fifth class on our second floor. I dashed inside, slammed my bag on a table and turned around with a 'BOOYAH' look on my face just as Jake Lennon, my best friend sprinted inside.

"Ugh, not again," Jake groaned, as I victoriously capered- yes, capered around him.

"You can never beat me, Jakey boy," I taunted him, as he took his usual seat beside me.

"I will beat you one day at this pointless daily chase to the class, Lexie," he returned, causing me to smack the back of his head. I hated when anyone calls me Lexie, and so far Jake is the only one to get away with that. He's been my best friend since forever.

...Okay, fine.

I only met him last year, but I've always wanted to say that! Besides, we're really close. And before you can even go there, no, I am not crushing slash dating slash previously broke up with him.

"Why isn't Kevin here?" I asked, as everyone started filing in.

"Ah, you know Kevin. I'd be shocked if he was in school," Jake answered.

Heh, Kevin. Kevin completed the trio of us. He's also the biggest slacker I've ever known in my life. He skips school like it's nobody's business, and on the rare days he appears in school, there's always chaos.

Mr. Roberts walks in and closes the door, then turns to us with a big smile on his face.

"Good morning everybody! How are we doing today?" Murmurs filled the room. "Great! Now, to be begin Social Studies today.."

The whole class zoned out as usual. Social Studies was one of the most boring classes ever. I only took it for extra credit. While Mr. Oblivious over there continues to rant, let me bring you up to date about everything. :) My name is Leslie Ryans. I'm 16, and unlike most teenagers, I have a boring life. My younger brother is amazingly passive, my mum loves cooking although she can't get any of her food to taste good, and my dad happens to go out on business calls a lot, and the days he's at home, we like to play run-away-from-the-kitchen-before-mum-asks-you-to-taste-her-cooking.

I also have a puppy named Tag!

And I hate pink. Stupidest color ever.

"-your partners the day after tomorrow." Mr. Roberts finished, still oblivious to the fact that Jake was currently sleeping, sprawled across his desk. The bell rang sharply, waking the class out of it's stupor. I banged Jake on the head. He woke up with a start.

"Come on, let's go," I said, and started walking without waiting for him.

"What was Roberts going on about?" Jake asked, as we walked towards our next class together.

"Who knows." I absently replied.

"More importantly, who cares?" Jake said.

"Did you just ask a question and answer it yourself?"

"Technically, I did not answer it myself since I answered it myself after you answered, which was not an answer, but my answer wasn't an answer too, so we both did not answer my question, and-"

"Go to hell, Jake."

"Ouch, no. Hell is hot."

"Hmm, how do we know hell is hot?"

"Percy Jackson, child, Percy Jackson."


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