I think I'm one of those no-nonsense girls:

Stiff upper lip and passably safe, possibly boring and

Terrified of change. I'm a sturdy little lady, stone-faced as a baby,

Snuggled tight in my home-base, safe

And sound in the cold tiles of my basement. Wrap me up in duvet covers and

The pages from my sketchbook, covered in charcoal smudges

Black and gritty on my eyelids (it's why I'm always dirty)

I think I'm one of those no-nonsense girls,

Dip my toe in the water before I dive in; girlfriends laugh,

At my lack of a splash,

('Cos I'm always too shy with the boys)

Just like my mama, every hour punched in at work,

(With our knuckles so weak but forceful)

Is for every penny I throw into my fountain of luck

And fuck all the morning afters I drag myself away to get to work –

I'm (probably) one of those no-nonsense girls (but undone at the seams)

When you ask me if I'm doing okay, I fold myself up

And on nights with too much wine and giggles bubbling out of me –

Little girl tripping over her woman-limbs, ripped pantyhose and all –

you can unfold me.