A chill went down Ameliaya's spin. But it didn't matter to her. She stood upon the precept of the towering coastal cliffs. The wind sprayed a mist of chill water onto her face as she stared upward. The dark abyss of the night sky was pierced by millions of shards of now wave less ocean mirrored the sky to such precision it gave the illusion of an endless sky that crashed against the coastal rock. Her now soaked nightgown gave aid to the cold autumn air as it invaded her flesh. She knew she would soon need to return indoors for fear of frostbite but she had to capture one more longing view of the stars. The house she dwelled in had many large clear windows, but she refused to taint the beauty of the night sky with the pungent memories of that house. She then made the long trip back toward the mid-Victorian dungeon she'd made for herself.

The long yard of dew soaked grass made sharp pricks of pain in her bare feet. To most people Ameliaya's house might appear beautiful. It was two stories made of wonderful oak. Although average in height, It's true majesty laid in it's vast length. It spanned the size of 8 large houses touching sides.

As she skakily closed the door behind her, Amalieya drew a ragged breath and shut her eyes tight. As she slowly fell onto the cold wooden floor, she began to feel gripped and smothered by the ever present silence that seemed to come from the very walls. Gone were the days when music and laughter filled the air into the early morning hours. Replaced now with an unending stillness that held all in place.

Slowly, after another fit full night of terrors, the dim dawn light began to fill the open rooms of the manor with a spectral aura. The celestial glow seemed to pronounce the loneliness of the once blusterous halls to a frightening degree. The few moments of uneasy sleep did nothing to cease the weary of Amalieya's soul. As she rose from her oak plank bed her thoughts returned once again to the night her world died.

She recalled the sounds of good humored murmurs all around her as she walked through the halls. The sweet taste of red wine as she drank more than her fill. And, of course, she remembered the face of beloved. His beautiful smile that seemed to take hold of all those around and wrap them in warmth. She remembered his sweet musical voice that would linger in your heart long after it had faded.

As always those memories caused a burning pain deep within Ameliaya's heart. All her tears had long since dried up, leaving only a hallow, calloused wound in the pit of her stomach. How she longed to cry again, or laugh, or do something that reminded her that she was still alive. That she wasn't a mere shadow of living.

Soon came the visions that caused her body to shut down and her heart to rot away. The sight of their bedroom door as it stood slightly open, revealing only blackness. Her first glimpse of her beloveds body, his wrists spilling red satin onto the pure white sheet. His face swathed in sweat and his pupils, dull and lifeless, halfway hidden beneath lead eyelids. Her nostrils still burned with the sickening stench of flesh as decomposition slowly began to set in, turning his skin a repulsive green hue.

Ameliaya pressed her eye's firmly shut in an attempt to swat away the horrid scenes. After no success she merely slumped back down onto the floor. Her stomach yelled and screamed in hunger, but she paid it no mind. The pain was simply one minor annoance compared to her now normal state of mind. She simply wrapped her arms around herself and shook. Only after midnight did she stop, in order to catch her nightly glimpse of the stars. Such was her days now, living in her own unending hell.