Everyone I know thinks I'm a slut.

I don't know why. Well, I do know why: I like boys. And girls. And if I see someone attractive then I'll comment on it straight away with no regard for the consequences. I also occasionally dress in what some would call a slutty manner (but to be fair, that's only when I'm trying to get a guy).

And yeah, I lost my virginity at thirteen, and I've had fifteen boyfriends in total, three of which I've slept with but – does that really make me a slut? God, I hate that word.

I regret most of my boyfriends anyway.

The first was Ginger Callum, who I started going out with when we were both twelve (don't laugh). He lived on my street but went to a different school. As you can probably guess he was ginger and I don't really remember much else about him. Then there was Denial Josh – he did go to my school but would only see me on the weekends, and denied even knowing me when we were back in school. I got bullied for ages because of that.

Next came Tiny Liam, who at five foot one was the shortest boy I've ever dated. And he was tiny. I was five foot three but it still felt like I towered over him with our two-inch height difference. Actually, we were together for ages. He was the one I lost my virginity to. Out of all the boyfriends he's the one I don't really regret, apart from the fact he cheated on me with a girl who was six foot one.

Then there was Peeping Tom. We lasted two weeks before the school discovered he had a nasty habit of spying on the girls changing rooms. He was expelled, and our relationship was basically over, even though nothing official was ever said.

Just Jake came next. He was just...well, Jake. There was nothing particularly interesting or bad about him, he was just himself, and we decided we worked best as friends. After him I started seeing Tiny Liam again, but it didn't last very long.

He introduced me to my next boyfriend, Vampire Luke. He seemed nice and normal until he revealed his vampire obsession and his desire to suck my blood. I dumped him pretty quickly after that but he still sends me the odd text message rambling on about biting and crap like that.

Then I went to a party and hooked up with Tiny Liam's cousin, Carl (nicknamed Cousin Carl, funnily enough). We saw each other once or twice after that but nothing more came of it, so I guess he can't really be considered a boyfriend.

After him was Older Conor, who was actually a friend of my brother, Gethin. At the time we started going out he was nineteen, which I now see as a big, big mistake. Luckily, I never slept with him – that was why he dumped me, though.

Then came Creepy Conner, who was just that – creepy. He was very clingy – like most of my boyfriends he didn't go to my school but he still managed to turn up outside the school gates and didn't like me talking to any other boys. When I finally broke up with him he'd sit outside my house playing sad songs on his mobile until Gethin came out and told him to go away.

Next was Wanky Jack. I did sleep with him. He was completely dirty minded with a potty mouth and I saw him as a friend more than anything – a friend with benefits, I suppose you could call him. He got his nickname because Gethin caught him wanking in our bathroom. I've not seen him since.

Then was Flirty Niall, who – as his nickname suggests – flirted with everybody with a pulse and was also seeing three other girls at the same time as me. He was followed by Nobody Aidan who I met at a party. The reasoning behind his nickname was that nobody really knew who he was – he was like a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend only nobody knew who those friends were.

Then there was Emo Gary, who wore scarves and idolised Hayley Williams and wrote bad poetry about suicide and heartbreak. He was pretty hot, but he didn't half get on my nerves. He whined a lot, which was why I broke up with him. I suspect he may have written a poem about it – he posted it on his Myspace blog.

Dodgy Daniel came after him. He was dodgy – he sent me really explicit texts all the time and we did sleep together. A lot. But he broke up with me because he thought we were getting "too serious". I wasn't so upset; I just knew I'd miss the sex.

And after that was Lying Liam. He was one of the most popular boys at my school, and all the girls fancied him. So did I. I didn't see any harm in flirting with him and he always flirted back. We went out for a while and just when I decided to sleep with him he revealed he was a virgin and had only wanted to "get with me" because he knew I wasn't. He said he wanted someone with "experience". I was actually pretty hurt because I liked him. I actually did.

So, you see, everybody seems to think I'm a slut. Even I think I am sometimes.

But what nobody knows is all I really want is an actual boyfriend. I don't want somebody who's going to mess me about or just use me. I want something genuine. I want...I want someone who's like me, who wants the same things as me.

Fat chance of that ever happening.

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