Loving the impossible

I crumble every time that I stumble and

tumble into trouble. I blame my all of my

issues on my big and fat mouth. I should've

never opened my big and fat mouth because I

never wanted you to know the stupid mistakes

that I have made in my life. After all these years

of being victorious, I can't fix myself anymore. I

can't ignore my tears that are waiting to be born.

You are wiser and smarter than me so I am giving

you the job of fixing me. I show you my claws and

you point out my flaws. I laugh when I realize that

I have been a witch for no apparent reason because

you want to help me. You make my life to be less

confusing and complicated. I am not the better half

of me and yet your love for me is unconditional. I

can never escape from the thought that I am very

important to you. I smile every time that I reflect upon

everything you have done for me.