I don't deserve this.

I don't deserve your hate.

I don't deserve to be upset

Over things that weren't even about me.

I don't deserve this.

I don't deserve to be afraid

Of what I say

When I'm with you

I don't deserve my words to be twisted

When once upon a time,

When you were all alone,

Those very words were comforting you,

As I held you close,

And stroked your hair,

And listened as you spilled your soul,

And kept your secrets never told.

I don't deserve the stab you've given me,

When I was the only one willing to give you a chance,

The others didn't, and they talk about you,

When you're not around and can't hear the sound,

But I was sticking up for you, right from the start,

Even after every time

You hurt me through the heart,

I just took the blows

And didn't let you know you were hurting me

Because I can take it if that's who you are

And what you do


But I CAN'T take it

When the one time you feel I've done you wrong

And you stab me for it and twist the dagger,

Even though I stood with you for so long

Even though it hurt me

Even though you didn't deserve it

Even though no-one else would have

I did.

And you didn't ever say thanks.

I gave up myself for you

Even though you sometimes walked over me.

I let you.

Cause you had it hard.

But I had it worse because of it.

And I won't stand with you anymore.

I won't defend you to the others,

I won't stick up for your side

When it's clear you are to blame.

I won't let you cry on me.

I won't let you walk on me.

I won't let you hurt me.

You once told me you didn't understand

Why I didn't give people what they gave me

You said I should fight back.

Well here I go.

And now I hope you will finally see all I did for you.

Because it will be gone now.

And when you ask me why I'm being such a bitch,

I'll firstly tell you this;

If I was to be

Half the bitch you were to me

You wouldn't be standing here

So strongly still

And that just shows how strong I am

Because I stood through it all-

And secondly, you want to know why?

I'm following your advice.

I'm fighting back.