You were a siren
Tattooed with poison ink
Butterfly skin scented so sweet that
I didn't mind the taste

(Though, I don't know how I missed your tail)

When you cared to perch upon my mast
You'd sing from the sails of how terribly
Beautiful the waves were
As they sent souls to the River Styx

(And I'd come to see it that way too)

You were a muse
I'd dance with your fingers
As they fluttered down your flute
Whispering melodies that mirrored the sea

(Your flute was born of human bone)

Sometimes you would steer the ship
saying, "Oh, doesn't that look lovely."
Our legs dangled from the bow, and
I finally found the will to jump

(You laughed)

I am Pandora
I'll drown if you desire
But the darkest waters hold a box
That looks ready to be opened

(It'll be the end of you and I)