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My name is Rachel Lilis and I am recording the events of the best and worst night of my life. I went to dinner with Daniel, Daniel McDonald; he is the first man I ever truly loved, and we were probably involved in the most complex relationship either of us have or ever will be in. Daniel was twenty-one years my senior and we met when I was seventeen, before you become repulsed I should give you a summary of our history.

I was on my first trip out of the country, a cousin and I visited London together. One afternoon I went off by myself to explore the city near our hotel, I got confused by the different traffic patterns and crossed the road when the cars started coming through. I almost got hit when someone pulled me to safety. I turned to thank my rescuer and that's when I saw him; he was just over six feet tall, thin, had wild brunette hair, a gorgeous smile, and warm chocolate eyes. I thanked the man and we introduced ourselves, I babbled about how silly I felt and he reassured me. Daniel walked with me back to my hotel to keep me safe, all the while we talked. Once in the hotel lobby he gave me his address and told me to write him when I got home and to tell him how my trip went. That's how it all started.

We wrote back and forth for a year before the telephone conversations started. We became close friends, so close that he flew to the States for my high school graduation. We talked and wrote, the Atlantic Ocean preventing many in person meetings… that was until I did a year abroad in my junior year of college. Now in the same country we spent weekends and holidays together, and our relationship started to change and I fell in love with him. About a month after I realized how I felt I mustered up the courage to tell Daniel, he sighed with relief and told me he felt the same.

Soon our meetings became more romantic and one night we sat out under the stars and shared our first kiss. It was soft, and gentle, and caring; I felt more alive than I ever had before when his lips met mine. Our relationship was not the same as modern romances; we walked together and stargazed, we had intimate meals, danced in restaurant parking lots, and never went farther than a kiss. Daniel was a true gentleman and he treated me with love and respect, and never once took advantage of my youth.

Several months went by and my time to head back home was nearing. I was sorrowful about the whole affair, I never wanted to leave Daniel, I though that perhaps he was my soul mate. Age gap be damned I loved him and he loved me. The night before I was due to go home Daniel gave me a beautiful dress and told me to wear it to dinner that night. He took me to a small little place and we dined out on the patio. After dinner we walked to the park where we went on the first day we met. This led to the event of the best and worst night of my life.

The moon was three quarters full and shone down on Daniel and I as we sat on the ledge of a fountain.

"Tonight was amazing, Daniel." I said after we had sat in silence stargazing for a few minutes.

"It was all for you Rachel, my farewell present." He said as he gave me a warm smile.

"Thank you… I really don't want to go; I don't want to be away from you." Daniel looked up at the stars before replying.

"I know, but we'll keep in touch. I wouldn't give up the best friend I ever had just because you're going home." Daniel stood and took my hand, guiding me to stand in front of him. "I love you more than anything else in this world, Rachel." I made to respond but he stopped me by placing a finger gently on my lips. Then he leaned in and kissed me; I felt my knees weaken when he deepened the kiss. When we finally broke apart I saw Daniel's deep brown eyes shining with tears. "And that's why I have to let you go."

I watched as a single tear slid down his face and he turned and walked down the path out of the park.

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