I just wanted to be happy
And I thought I could do that with you.
You wanted it too
How is that so wrong?
What's wrong about love?

We connect on a deeper level
And I know you felt it too.
The universe conspired against us
How could "we" be wrong?
What's wrong about love?

How could I do this to you?
(I'm so selfish)
I knew it was wrong from the start.
(Then why'd I go through with it?)
I thought my heart would be safe
With you
Thought this wouldn't go anywhere
(But it did, and I wanted it to)

Can't stop thinking about you
(Then don't try)
The what-ifs are coming through
(Don't stop them)

You can't imagine how hideous I feel
(Not just "feel" but "am")
I promised myself I wouldn't do this to you
(Then why am I?)

It's so hard to tell you it's over
(Then don't)
But I have to
Even though I don't want it to be

It's no consolation, I know
(Then don't say it)
But this is without a doubt
The hardest thing I've ever done
(Then why am I doing it?)

Crying has got to be the most unfair thing ever
Who'd've thought that tears could bring even the strongest person to their knees?
A simple droplet of salt water...
(Please don't cry... I'm dying...)

I should never have told you
(But I did)

I won't tell you I'm crying
But I am
And I wish with all my heart
That this had never started
So it wouldn't have to end
But it did
And it does.