This is an excerpt/possible prologue from a story that I am currently working on to (hopefully) get published. :) I've been working on it for a very long time, and hope to get it done this year. It's a rather complicatied story, with a supernatural twist. But, not like werewolves or vampires, or anything like that. Ever since Twilight, there's been way too many stories like that.



"Ten minutes... In ten minutes, you'll wish you'd never associated with me."

I stared at him, breathless. His eyes glinted dangerously, and I knew he was serious.

"I'll go through with it. Trust me on this; you won't be able to stop me. Not even him, not this time. I've made my decision, and now nothing can stop me breaking you apart, piece by piece."

The first time I had met him, his eyes were black. They were beautiful; they smoldered. They held secrets and gave little answers. They were dangerous and persuasive. I couldn't stay away.

And now, as he said the proclamation of my death, they were black again. This time, though, they were hard and opaque. They were so powerful and determined. They were like obsidian, and someone could only guess at what was underneath.

But I was beginning to crack them open, so that they could melt; so they could be human. As I stood there, fear snaking into my skin, betrayal ripping my heart to shreds, the cold distance in his eyes began to melt, the blazing look of self assurance began to crack and split, leaving raw, jagged emotions.

He was now flawed with fissures and vulnerabilities because of me. I had backed him into a corner, and his eyes revealed what his words would not, what I had worked so hard to unearth from him:

His love for me.

And he hated me for making him feel it.

I tore my gaze away from his painful eyes and horrifying smile, and I began to sprint, my feet pounding across the pavement. I ran because I had no choice; in ten minutes he would find and kill me.

And there was nothing I could do to stop him...


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