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"Chloe hurry up!!! Your going to be late for your first day of school!" "Mom, please don't remind me. I'm scared enough without you pestering me!" I said trudging down the stairs. I'm in high school in a new town and I'm terrified. I moved because of Mom's new job. I was forced here by mom, and believe me I put up a fight!… or not. My name is Chloe Collson and I am 16. My brother, Conner, is 17 and also in high school, but isn't about to puke all over. He's a out going person. I can be to. You'll hear more about my totally unfair life, but I have to go to a cruel school right now.

Inhale, exhale, breathe. I went into the office to get my schedule. "Hello, you must be Chloe, and here's your new schedule. I hope you have a great day and please remember your not alone, we have many new students here, about five if I'm mistaken." "That's great, How long have you been working here?" I needed to get on good terms with the teachers. " Well actually, I'm new here this year too." "Wow, are you nervous too?" "Yes! Every darn male teacher been spoiling me and I honestly don't like it. What about you? You are really pretty." I wouldn't call my looks special, but a lot of people say this. I have this really long hair that's brunette and ocean blue eyes. I'm not that girly girl type and I wear pants (not baggy, but fit me perfectly), T-shirts, and sweatshirts most of the time, unless it's really humid out, I wear shorts and a T-shirt. I'm slim, but not like skinny, skinny where I look like I'm starving myself. I have a scar that starts at my ear and goes half way down my neck, but I tell no one about it except few people know about it like me parent's and brother, oh and the doctors.

" No, I'm not that into boys, they are rotten people whom break your heart every chance they get." I heard a noise from behind me. I turned around and saw a boy about my age glare at me. "Some boys are anyways, but you are one of them if I say so myself." Mrs. Olsen giggled (I read her name tag) and I stepped aside to let him get his business done. " Here's your schedule and I hope you have a great day and there are about five new kids here including Chloe ." He barely even glanced my way. " Pfft" I mumbled and grabbed his schedule out of his hands. He tried to grab it back, but I have basketball reflexes and dodged him. " Ew, we have math together. I'm bad at math aren't you?" I asked and gave it back to him. He ripped it out of my hands and looked back to get more advice from Mrs. Olsen. "OK, Blaze Baxter, and your next class…" Blaze? Huh it's a very familiar name. Blaze was walking toward the door when I called out, " Don't break a pretty little girl's heart now Blaze!" He stopped and turned around, glaring at me again. I smiled innocently and bashed my eye lashes at him. I swear I saw a smile tugging at his lips and he was gone. Mrs. Olsen laughed or I call her Jessica, and scooted me out the door telling me she'll see me later. Nice women, aye?

I was sitting in math class, which I now wish I could disappear right this second, waiting for the dumb teacher to come. I was doodling when a tap was placed on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Blaze pointing to the seat next to me which I was blocking. I shrugged and said, "Why didn't you say so?" and scooted up. By the way I don't feel sick or shy any more, because Jessica lifted my spirits. "You don't talk much do you?" I asked him. He just shrugged his shoulders and started reading his book. I got a chance to actually look at him. He had Brunette hair, like me, and bangs that went off to the side. I could see the muscle on his jaw and I could tell he was into sports from the muscle on his fore arm. He had really pretty eyelashes, with green eyes and a hint of kindness in them. His nails were short, which is good because I hate it when people have gross, chipped, long nails. I wonder why he never talks though. I looked down at his arm and saw a long scar. I followed it with my eyes and saw that it didn't end until it went a little pass his elbow. I lifted my hand to trace it, but the teacher, Jessica!, came in and introduced herself. I waved at her, which she returned excitedly back. I never knew she was our teacher, she's tricky. "Ok class, I'm Mrs. Olsen and I'm new here. I have no husband or children, I live right here in the city, My favorite color is purple, animal is cats, I love teaching for the fun of it, and I am twenty-two years old. Anymore questions?" A few people asked questions about her life, but I didn't want to get to personal with her. I raised my hand and Jessica called on me with a smile. "Do we get to pick out seats this semester?" "Why yes, I will let you pick anybody you want to sit by, but if you talk to much then I will have to move you. You may pick now." she said and sat at her desk typing on her laptop. A girl with short blonde hair came up to Blaze smiling. "Hey! I'm Rachel and I wanted to know if you would like to sit by me?" Blaze blinked at her before shaking his head and placing his hand on my own. I stiffened. "Um…" She started turning red. " I need a real answer, actually, I don't understand." Was this girl stupid? "It means take a hike." I explained rather obviously. She look rather taken back and I could feel Blaze's hand shake with laughter. I did my innocent smile and bashed my eyelashes. "Oh, Are you a couple?" She asked looking at our hands. I quickly realized his hand on mine and snatched it away. Then a boy with Shaggy black hair came up asking me to sit by him. "My personal belief is that boys are immature jerks, Whom need to hold on to their girl's heart instead of cheating on them like they have a care in this freaking world. It's like grow up or shut up!" He stared at me and slowly nodded, becoming quite nervous. He started backing up and said hi to a girl that was waving to him. " Stupid boys." I mumbled. "I totally agree." I heard a voice from behind me. I looked back to see a tall girl with black hair and bright blue eyes. " Really?" I asked in disbelief. " Of course, hey want to have lunch with me?" A girl behind her just had to say " I wouldn't if I were you, She is like so not popular and always sits alone." I raised a eye brow to the girl that was really being a brat. "Shut up." was all I said and said sure to the red headed girl. The brat finally went back to her own business. "My name's Abby." "Chloe." Abby turned to Blaze. He just smiled. "His name is Blaze." I shrugged.

It was finally lunch time and I spotted Abby at a near by table eating her lunch. "Hey" I said sitting down in the chair next to hers. "Where's your lunch?" "Not hungry." I stated with a casual shrug at the shoulders. Blaze plopped down in the chair next to mine with a book in his hands. I smiled at him, he looked really familiar to me, but I couldn't put the puzzle pieces together. "Those girls are gawking at you." I said to him. He turned around to find girls giggling at his 'cuteness' and blush when he saw them. He looked back at me with the grossed out look on his face. I laughed. We hung out the rest of the lunch period.

Abby, Blaze, and I have been best friends for three weeks now and Blaze has not even said a word yet to anybody. It makes me curious. "Blaze." I tried to get his attention. He turned to look at me. "I think you're an alien." I said simply. He started shaking with laughter and I blinked at him. He shook his head no and went back to reading. I pouted and took his book away. His mouth dropped open and he tried to grab it back. Once again I dodged him easily. We were at the park sitting on the grass under a tree. I got up and started running away. I took it easy just in case he couldn't run that fast. Mistake. He stepped on my heal and I some how turned around and he landed on top of me. "Ouch! You know this is all your fault, Right?" He seemed worried and got off of me as quick as possible, helping me up. "You're a true best friend." I said and hugged him. He hugged back and kissed my fore head. "Blaze! That was totally unnecessary, I still think you're an alien."

"Hey Conner." I said, a month later, when I got back from school that day. "What up baby sis?" I shrugged and plopped down beside him watching his stupid show. "Conner?" "Hmm?" he replies not taking his ocean blue eyes off the screen. "Remember my accident? Was there-" Mom came in the room telling me he wasn't going to listen, but said I should come in the kitchen and ask her these questions. "Mom, do you remember anyone else that had gotten in the accident that one night, because I have been starting to have these nightmares about some one my age sitting by me in the car and it never shows their face…" Mom glanced at me and nodded. "Who was it?" I asked quietly. "B- Blaze Baxter." I gasped. "What! Mom he's like my best friend now!!!" Mom looked at me with wide eyes. "Really?" I nodded quickly and smiled like really wide. "I knew he looked familiar, but it never came to me. This is why I've been having nightmares of the past." Mom looked at me and smiled. " Mom, did you know he lost his voice?" "Huh? No he didn't. I've been visiting him and his mom for awhile." "What? Then how come you were surprised when I told you all this?" "Well I've never had a conversation with him yet, but I heard him talking to him mother about going to the park one day." She stated, putting cheesy eggs in front of me. "Ugh! I can't believe he would do this to me…" " You remember when you were little and you were best friends?" I nodded. "Well, You two said you going to get married and you even were a cute couple, all though it was hilarious to us." I hid my smile into my sleeve, which was resting on the island. "Yeah… Well, I'm going to school." She kissed me on the cheek and wished me a nice day. Before I went to school, I dug out a picture of Blaze and I as little kids, holding hands while swinging together at the park.

I was in math class, mad at Blaze, glaring at him. He made a sad face. I slowly took the picture out, him watching it as got pulled out. "Ok class, pay attention." I sighed, put the picture in front of him without looking at his expression, and got my math book out.

We haven't talked to each other the whole day, ok, yeah, I haven't to him yet. I picked at the grass then threw it down with my head in my knees. "Stupid, stupid, stupid boys. Ugh!" I was at the park, Just chilling out and screaming into my knees for some apparent reasons. My best friend in the whole freaking world, pretends to be mute! Whatever.

"Dad!" I screamed and ran up to hug him. "Sugar!" He boomed with his deep voice. He has when I see him. " Oh my gosh! You've missed so much when you were gone, like the first day of school was great …" and there I go babbling on and on. I finally finished my whole three months of what dad missed out been on a business trip for like three months. Now you understand why I scream when I see him. We hung out for the whole day and I didn't even think about Blaze. Crap I just did! Whatever.

"I'm so tired today!" I whined to Abby. "OK" she said so engrossed with her book. I mean come on I sitting here watching some blonde chicks fighting over a guy. And guess what? He's enjoying it! Like I said, stupid boys. I blew hair out of my face trying not to punch the guy and slap the dumb blonde chicks. To bad I have a dignity and now I sat in the office, like freaking mad. I mean all I did was break the guys nose and he was screaming on the floor while I was looking at my red hand and flexing it. Nobody dares go by me now, I guess. Since when I had to pass kids to get here, in the office, They backed into the wall. I already told the story like three times, It's like, Uh are you deaf I told you already! Stupid people. "What were you thinking young lady!" I heard my dad scream into my ear. "Chillax man." "What?! You want me to chill? You punched a dude and then call it cool?" My dad is awesome isn't he. Dude. "Yeah." I shrugged. "Oh, well what did he do?" "He was being a freaking jerk to two girls who were fighting over him and he just stands there laughing! He was being a loser boy." My dad grinned. "Way to go sugar!" Dad cheered, but then cleared his throat when the teacher at the very back glared at him. No, it was not Jessica. "I mean you are in big trouble." He said then gave me a secret wink. I rolled my eyes.

"Ok class!" The music teacher, Mrs. Johnson, got our teacher got our attention. "We are starting a new, long unit!" The class groaned, except for me, I love music. "You haven't even heard what were doing yet!" Mrs. Johnson clapped happily. She was a very energetic, happy, exciting person. I raised my hand waving it around crazily. "Chloe?" "What is the unit?!" I was practically bouncing out of me seat. "I'm so glad your excited! Ok, were are starting a… dance unit!" The class gasped and starting talking all at once. Mrs. Johnson smiled and went to her desk getting organized. I walked over to her. "Wow Mrs. J! This is so awesome! What kind of dancing are we doing?" "Everybody else looks like their going to throw up." She examined the class. She was right, Worried looks, and no happy looks. "Anyways, it's a partner dance and it'll be romantic this year." Uh-oh.

The next day I was in music, picking at my nails, while Mrs. J called off partners one by one. "Jack and Abby, Sam and Jude, Chloe and Blaze." I made a disgusted sound. Mrs. J smiled and winked at me. What's that suppose to mean? That's just weird.

Blaze blinked at me. I mean come on! Blinked. Freaky. "What?" I spat. It was like him staring at me for no apparent reason. Ok, fine, who cares if I look different with a dress on ,Hair up, and make-up on? I don't. He shrugged and looked at the carpet. "You know you can just say 'nothing' instead of shrugging." I questioned him. "Class! Ok! Gentlemen I need you to spin the girls around and girls go on one foot while doing this." Mrs. J instructed. Blaze held out his hand and I hesitantly took it. He lifted our arms up and I spun with my skirt flowing on my tippy toes which felt like the eternity. I was finally done spinning and seen every body staring at me. "What?" I asked. They just freaking blink. "Oh my Chloe! That was just beautiful the best! Where did you learn that? How?" Mrs. J beamed. I shrugged. A guy named Ryan raised his hand. "Yes Ryan?" Mrs. J called. "Can I switch partners with Blaze?" His partner swatted him. Truth is, I took dance lessons when I was younger. I loved it, I was on the TV, too. Young and famous. Pttf.

I was at pizza ranch, with my mom and dad, in the buffet section. "Oh! Rachel, Tom, Blaze! Over here!" I heard my mom call, she was in front of me so obviously I had my back turned to them. "Hi guys! Oh my, have you grown up Chloe! I haven't seen you in ages. Wow, your beautiful…" "Uh, Thank you." My mom piped up. "You should join us!" "Oh that would be lovely, Hm Blaze you sit by Chloe." Oh wonderful. I am still mad at him. Mute, huh? I picked at my pizza with a fork while the grown ups chatted it up. I sulked down in my chair bored out of my mind and stared out the window. "So, Chloe, Blaze, You still plan on getting married?" Rachel asked us. The parents had a fit of laughter now. I felt the red crawl up my neck. I glanced at Blaze whom was also red. I smiled. "Yeah, it'll be challenging though." I said, that made them laugh even harder, and a elderly couple got up and left. They were still laughing. I glanced up at Blaze, whom had a curious look on his face, and smirked.