A Story for Jack by-cuteiswhatiaimfor-x

Bradley looked up at the snap of the door, and then quickly averted his eyes. It was Gavin, and much as he tried not to look, he couldn't help himself from admiring that lovely body. They both had a spare next, and they both knew what would happen, even though neither of them wanted to admit it. It's not that bad, thought Bradley, I mean, it's not wrong. We just…take advantage of each other?

The rest of the teachers filed out slowly, getting ready for their next classes. Soon the staff room was silent except for the clicking of the keyboard as Brad continued to type.

"Hey Brad," started Gavin, Brad looked up, and saw the question in Gavin's eyes, "How long is this going to go on for?" Gavin continued.

Brad looked down, and in what seemed like an instant Gavin was at his side, with his hands on his shoulders, massaging them slowly.

He sighed, "We shouldn't be doing this, not at school, not at all."

"Why don't we take it out of school? We can keep it a secret. No-one has to know?" Gavin's hands were slowly working their way down to Brad's chest. He leaned back, his head resting against Gavin's stomach; it wasn't such a bad idea.

"And you were the one trying so hard to convince me you weren't gay," said Brad.

Gavin smiled, and then he leaned down and pressed his lips to Brads. It was a fleeting kiss, but still had the same effect on Brad that the first kiss had, "Aren't you glad there aren't any cameras in here," he said.

Brad nodded, "Why don't we take this out of school? Let's go somewhere, anywhere?"

Gavin grinned at him, "We could knock off early if you want, unavoidable commitments, I'll go and see them now, and you ring up and say you're heading off."

Brad smiled, "Alright then!"

Brad didn't say much while they were driving; Gavin was concentrating on the road and pondering his own thoughts. They reached some traffic lights and Brad took the chance too ask a question, "Where are we going? Your place?"

Gavin shrugged, "It's empty…It's a good a place as any, I guess."

He looked over to Brad, "Are we making this too awkward?"

Now it was Brad's turn to shrug, "I don't know, maybe it's because we both know what's going to happen, and we're slightly morally opposed to it?"

Gavin shook his head, "It shouldn't be awkward…"

He moved the car forward as the light turned green and once they were on an open road, he took Brad's hand. Brad didn't object, and they were still holding hands when they pulled into Gavin's driveway.

Gavin let them into his house, it wasn't the first time Bradley had been in his house, but it was the first time that the minute he walked into the hall, Gavin pushed him against the wall and kissed him. He could feel Gavin's tongue sliding across his lips, pushing against them. He finally yielded to what he wanted, and opened his mouth. He, in turn, explored Gavin's mouth with his own tongue, savouring his taste. His hands were everywhere at once, under his shirt, around his ass, between his legs. It was a side of Gavin he'd never seen before. This Gavin was affectionate like he'd never seen. Gone, was the tough, 'not gay', Gavin. Brad was seeing the part of him that wanted one thing, and one thing only; to get inside his pants.