I'm Disappointed In You

"Detention Miss Richards! I will not tolerate this any longer!"

Jackie's jaw dropped, she'd only been playfully arguing with dear Mr George, staring all the while into his beautiful eyes. His eyes however, were no longer playful.

"But…but" she stuttered.

"Outside, NOW!" his voice dropped to a low harsh tone, ripping through her entire body. She stood quickly and walked through the stunned class to the door that Mr George was holding open.

"Read the next page of the textbook," he said over his shoulder to the rest of the class as he shut the door.

Jackie stood against the wall, her head bowed, unsure of what was going to take place. Mr George paced back and forth in front of her, his hands stretched behind his head. He seemed to be on edge.

"Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, look, it's one thing to argue and play around with me, but when you cross that line, and start flirting…I KNOW you do, you can't tell me you don't, it makes it hard…"

His voice cut off and Jackie started as his hands landed on either side of her shoulders against the wall. Jackie looked up into his face and it was strained.

"I've put up with your subtle flirting all year Jacqueline. I've overlooked the compliments, the staring, the initials in your books, the hinting, all of it…in the hope that you would find someone else to obsess over without hurting you. But you're not; it's getting worse for heavens sake. You have to be respectful at least. I'm a male, and leaving your shirt undone, hitching up your skirt so I can see up it, no matter how professional I have to be, it's distracting… and it distracts me…"

Jackie continued to stare up into his perfect face, unsure of how to react, part of her was in heaven, the other part was scared shitless because she was in trouble. His chest was heaving with the exertion of keeping his voice low so the others students couldn't hear the words being spoken. He looked agitatedly around, from one side of the veranda to the other before saying quietly to himself,

"Fuck it!"

He cupped Jackie's face with his hands, bringing a gasp of surprise from her mouth, before he leaned forwards and kissed her. Jackie felt paralysed, she couldn't control her movements. Mr George was running his hands down her back, roughly, squeezing her ass. His tongue was everywhere, inside her mouth. He broke off the kiss suddenly, his chest heaving, looking down, and much to Jackie's pleasure, bright red.

"There, you've got what you wanted, I hope you're proud."

Jackie looked down, "I am proud sir, though it's not exactly what I wanted."

Mr George stared at her, his face brightening in colour as he realise what she had said. He looked around again.

"You realise this can't happen, not matter how much you want it to, no matter how much I want it to, if it happens, it can't last."

Jackie nodded, "I understand sir, but I finish school at the end of next year, I'm a legal adult."

Mr George shook his head, "Jackie…"

Jackie looked down again. She felt Mr George's hand touch her own, move it, to the crotch of his pants, looking, to make sure there were no other teachers around. She could feel his cock, it was there, larger than she'd expected. But as soon as she'd felt it, he pulled her hand away swiftly walking towards the door talking as he did,

"I hope you're proud now, get back inside and keep that bloody shirt DONE UP!"

Jackie nodded the ecstasy almost visible from her face, "I will sir."

Mr George opened the door to the classroom, "I want you to stay back after class to discuss your detention Jackie. I'm rather disappointed in you.

A/N I know it's short, even for a 'short' story, but I'm honing my skills and hopefully my short stories will get a bit longer. [=