---The Abyss---

There is an abyss.

It is dark and seemingly never-ending.

A girl stands at the edge and looks over, into the emptiness.

It is warm, that was not expected. I thought it would be cold, dark, but instead it is inviting and vaguely familiar. It is like an old friend one has not seen for years. Like looking at someone and recognising them but not being able to put a name to their face. I turn around, the world is so uninviting. It is a mean, mean place. There is no honesty, not truth, just lies and deceit and people who say one thing to your face and another when you're not around. They stab you in the back and leave the knives there. My back is so full of knives I'm surprised that more can still fit. They cut deep, through what you think you know, through what you believe, and through all your hope, right through to your heart. They mutilate the one part of us we spend so much time trying to protect. Ultimately we fail, and our hearts are broken. Compared to this deceitful place, the darkness is friendly, comforting almost. It beckons us away into its warm embrace, away from the stark, white light of this world. I edge closer and my heart starts to beat faster. I long to run to the darkness and let it wrap its comforting arms around me, but my primal instinct to survive screams not to. I am torn; I want to go to the darkness but I want to survive and be stronger than the world and what it throws at me. It is this decision that has left me teetering on the edge of this abyss for days, months, maybe years, I wouldn't know, I don't keep track of the time that has passed. Now, I long for the sleep the darkness offers. I am tired of this world with its white, cold light and its unfeeling inhabitants. I long to be enclosed in warmth. I made my choice.

The girl closes her eyes and leans forward.

She doesn't scream.

The abyss envelopes her, and heals her broken heart.

She is cold and lonely no more.