Authors note:

This story is rated "M" for mature, that means it is not for the kiddies. This story contains a strong Master/slave theme, rape, graphic sexual content, violence and gore, mentions of cannibalism, and some religious content some may find offensive.

With that said, this is a story I would like to some day get published, and so constructive feedback is welcome. Flames, however, are not.

Chapter 1: Valley of the Shadow of Death

I know what this is about….

Sarah scuttled down the halls of the castle, and saw the looks on the other servant's faces as she passed them. "Oh…you are on your way to see HIM." She knew what was about to happen to her, again. They did too.

The door appeared in front of her too quickly, and she stood in front of it with her knees shaking and her breath coming in the same gasps that a cornered rabbit takes. On the other side, was him. He would be standing silhouetted in the window, his long black hair braided and his shirt unbuttoned just a little bit….just enough to show the tuft of hair that tickled his Adams apple. It was his eyes though that would send her to her knees at bedtime that night begging God for forgiveness. He would make her recite her prayer before she left, like he usually did. "Dear God, I have had impure thoughts about a man." And his reply would be for her to tell him what they were….leave nothing out. "I imagined His majesty the King throwing me onto the bed and ravaging me, and treating me like a common whore." He would then say that perhaps this is a fear. "No…." And how did she know? "Because I do…." would be her reply as she pressed her knees together and turned her reddened face down shamefully even as her body screamed out for his touch.

The fact that he does those things though… is me obeying my employer…..which is the Christian thing to do.

"Come in, Sarah." Her heart stopped and flung itself into her stomach as though seeking shelter. That would do it no good though, and she knew it, because soon her belly would feel as though it was on fire. She pushed on the door, and it yielded slowly to her. She knew how he would be. And that is how he was. He stood in the light of the window, sipping wine as though she did not exist. He would stay that way for a while, mainly because he could. He was the King. She would wait by the door until he acknowledged her. That was what she did, she was the servant. Her head was bowed, her hands were clasped loosely in front of her, and there was a fire slowly beginning in her belly, and she felt it heating the place she was told was sinful. "Do you want to ask God forgiveness before you have sinned, whore?"

She jerked when he spoke, and as always she felt he was peering into her mind. "My Lord, you called for me?"

"That does not answer my question."

"My Lord….." She was stammering and shaking, her mind was a blur.

"Drop to your knees." Her breath now was coming in gasps, shallow and fast. The stone scraped her knees even through her dress, which she knew would be reduced to tatters soon.

"My Lord….anything that I have done to offend you…."

"What offends me, girl, is you speaking when I never asked you to." He walked slowly and deliberately to stand before her; and her eyes decided to find the floor to be of the utmost importance. She noticed smooth grooves had been ripped into the stone, as though a powerful animal had tried to shred it. She knew what had caused it, and tried to avoid thinking about it. "Now, I will tell you of your crime and then you will receive punishment, which I assure you, will be sound." She knew better than to try to speak. She knew better than to try to breath. The "crime" he spoke of was either imaginary or minor, as they always are. The punishment though, was not.

He produced a lunch tray, and on it was nothing but the shattered remains of a tea cup.

This crime she was guilty of.

God help her.

"Please accept my sincerest…"

"And now you are speaking again?" His tone was annoyed and bordering on angry. She closed her mouth with an audible click and whimpered faintly. Later, as always, she would wonder if she was whimpering in fear or because of the liquid heat mounting between her legs. He made a tsking sound, similar to one a parent would make to a child who had been told time and again, but just did not get it. "What shall I do with you Sarah? Please tell me a solution!" He bent before her, his piercing blue eyes intent on her green ones. She looked down at the floor again, shaking all over and pressing her knees tighter together, thinking maybe if the fire had no air it would die. "Well?!"

She jumped, realizing that he wanted an answer. "Um….My Lord…..I do not feel I am able to decide….."

"Not able to decide? And why is that?"

"I am but a servant My Lord."

He nodded, sipping his wine again, lightly. "And the servants lot in life is what?"

"To…to serve My Lord."

"Very good!" His hands clapped together, making her jump. "Your job is to do as I say." He now took her chin in his hand and lifted her head so that she had no place to hide from his hot gaze. "Are you still a part of that silly religion?"

She shook visibly. His kingdom was known as an unsafe place for Christianity. It was a haven for all the things she had been told was evil. Yet she lived here, because she thought she could do good here. "Yes My Lord."

"And your religion says that you will talk to God tonight, as you do every night?"

Her lower lip was shaking. Was it because she was ready to cry or because the heat between her legs was burning so badly? "Yes My Lord."

"And you will confess your sins to God there in your room, on your knees; since we have no chapel to burden with them?"

"Yes My Lord."

He stood before her again, and she felt herself cowering away from him, waiting for him to strike. "What sins?"

"I will say that I vandalized the property of His Majesty the King, My Lord."

A chuckle rang out through the chamber and made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. It slowly grew, until it was a full out laugh. "Do you think that is the only sin you will commit, girl?"

"It is my sincerest hope My Lord."

"No stealing? No jealousy? No lying?" His eyes bore into hers. "Impure thoughts?"

She knew that he knew. Already, she felt herself growing wet, and she knew he could smell it. "Yes My Lord."

He feigned surprise. "Oh? Do tell."

"I had impure thoughts of….."

"Is that any way to speak to God, girl? More respectful!"

Tears now fell down her cheeks freely and she pressed her palms together and rose to kneel. "Dear God…."

"No no no no… pray in the middle of the floor? I would think that a shock and I do not even recognize your God. Kneel over by that bench there."

Her knees were sore and weak, shaking as she stood slowly and made her way to the indicated bench. It was nestled into the corner of the room, and it`s surface spoke of all the prayers it had heard. It was a small one, and only stood about a foot and a half from the ground. The bench itself was about three feet wide. Sarah knew well though that it was not for sitting on. It was bolted to the floor, and she knew it was impossible to move. On either side of it there was a shackle on a short chain. Still shaking, she pressed her palms together and lifted her eyes heavenward. "Dear God, thank you for the life you have given me today…." A rope dropped over her wrists and cinched them tightly together. "Please forgive me for my sins!" She heard the sound of a rope being pulled and gasped as her arms were quickly yanked upwards until she was standing, and then her shoulders cried out in pain until she was forced onto the bench. There she stood and cried silently, her arms tied high over her head. Below her, the shackles clicked into place around each ankle, keeping her legs apart.

"What sins?"

Tears ran from each eye, meeting on her chin where they tumbled to the floor and spattered. "I have had impure thoughts."

"Be specific, girl." She felt the cold metal at the top of her neck line in the back, and then the rending sound as her dress was split.

"I…..I thought of my employer…..thought of him……treating me….." His hands roamed over the exposed skin while she sobbed, and then he continued cutting her dress away until she was naked before him. "…..As a common whore."

His chuckle broke through the air again and she heard a familiar swish. "Keep looking heavenward, girl. Pray for what it is you truly want." Then there was a whistle, and Sarah felt a tongue of fire across her back as the whip hit its mark. "And I want to hear it!"

Sarah shook as she stood on her toes on the bench. If she moved the punishment would be even worse. But she could not call to God….because she knew even as she cried her body was betraying her to him. "The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want!" She cried out as the whip hit it`s mark again. "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures!" Her sentence ended in another scream, and her tears flowed heavier. "Please My Lord…..!"

"Keep going." His voice was hard and rough, and she panted hard as his hand ran over the welts on her back.

"He leadeth me beside the still waters…" Three strikes, in fast succession, made her cry out again. "He restoreth my soul…."

The door opened, and a large white wolf came in. Sarah now sobbed openly, her cries echoing in the small room and the hallway. The wolf was an unholy and evil creature, against nature. Yet she found the fire in her belly was now so hot it hurt as much as the strikes landing on her skin. The wolf eyed her and licked it`s chops, lying on it`s belly in the corner of the room. He turned to the wolf, smiling. "Glad you could join us, my beloved slave." He walked over to a small rack on the wall filled with several items, and placed the whip back in it`s place. Her knees here buckling and she whimpered miserably. His hand returned to her skin, lightly caressing, and she jumped. "Continue."

"He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness…." Then she stopped and choked on a moan as his lips closed over the hard nipple of her right breast.

He suckled for a few seconds, and then grabbed the sensitive nipple with his thumb and forefinger and twisted, making her cry out in pain. "Why?"

"For…..for….." She gasped and shook all over, her body slowly becoming slippery with sweat. "His name`s sake!"

His lips found her other nipple and she sobbed, words slowly running together. Then her pleasure was brought short when he twisted this nipple cruelly. "Keep going!" Then he smiled wickedly. "The next part is my favorite."

She shook, and felt his fingers slipping down there, sliding in the juices that had been flowing since she had been called to this chamber. "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…." His finger delved into her, slowing moving inside her. His lips found the nub that made her weak. "I will fear… evil…..for thou… with…"

He looked up at her, his smile a wicked curve on his perfectly sculpted lips. "You will, whore." His fingers sped up, and she sobbed and begged. Then she cried out, her back arching even though it made her ankles ache and her wrists scream in pain as they pulled against the ropes holding her. The fire reached a peak, coiling through her and she felt for a moment that she had died. Her body felt like it was ripping itself apart with spasms, and he only smiled up at her, his fingers moving faster as she screamed and writhed.

When she had gone still, he stood up, slipping one finger into his mouth and sucking softly, then reaching up and placing the other to her lips. When they parted and she suckled the finger clean, he smiled wider. "Now that you are ready my dear…." And with that he unlocked the shackles and untied the rope holding her wrists high. When her body slumped, his arms snaked around her waist and supported her as she all but collapsed on the floor. Then he stood and looked down at her. She was covered in sweat, her breasts heaving and thrusting erect nipples, her core sopping and dripping with the evidence of her arousal. All this while she sobbed like a woman who had been raped violently. His frown was unheeded by her though. "Get on your knees. Your punishment has just begun."

"I have had enough of your insolence, you filthy pig!"

Jayd ran her tongue across her sharpened teeth and felt a snarl rising in her throat. The chains hanging from her neck, wrists, and ankles did not improve her mood, and her nakedness made it even worse. "Pardon my ignorance, master." The man in the chair, known by others as Edwin, but to her as master, smiled in satisfaction that she was finally showing proper humility. She hated that smile, and she hated being paraded around like a trained monkey. She had been recaptured after her latest escape attempt, and he had ordered her to this room so that he could show off his wonderful training abilities to his guests. Despite the punishment she knew she would get, she had to wipe that stupid smile off his face. "Were you referring to me, or the ham that is stuffing your fat belly? If it was the ham, I could have a word with the cook." She made a gesture to the banquet laid out in front of him, her eyebrow arched slightly as she spoke.

From the people dining with him, she heard small snickers and hushed chuckles. Imagine, a slave standing naked and in chains before her master - and he was the fool now. And then she knew she had crossed a line.

She saw the fury written on his face as he stood from his couch and stormed towards her, his hand raised. She snapped her eyes to it, and as it swung she turned her head ever so slightly so that instead of landing on her soft cheek to bruise it, it landed with her sharp teeth embedded to the bone. He tugged on it, but she held on like a wolf to its prey while blood rained down her chin. Two men came up behind her and managed to pry her jaws open, in the process losing a large amount of blood and skin themselves, and then she was thrown to her knees. She looked up, because the look on his face and the sound he had made was worth all this pain to her. He was shocked, and humiliated, and in agony. But then a look crossed his face which made her feel ill, as she always did before a brutal punishment. He smiled wickedly, and looked to the guests watching. "I will beg your pardons, but this banquet must be cut short so that the punishment of this whore can be attended to." Edwin was a warlord. He was not a smelly fat drunkard, the kind of man who typically made the mistake of purchasing a slave that could not be controlled. But he had felt he was strong enough to control her, and had been proven wrong many times. Now though, she saw new determination on his face.

Her chains were gathered and she was taken to the lower levels of his house. Guards walked around her, watching her like a hawk to keep her from getting headstrong. In a very deep and not often talked about part of her mind, she was smiling because she knew her death was imminent. It would be painful she knew, but it would be an end to her suffering.

She had been sold as a slave to Edwin when she was five, and since then he had been trying to break her. She was now seventeen. People had told him time and again that a pixie would never be a good slave. But he tried anyway. He tried beating her, poisoning her, and finally he took her name away. She referred to herself as Jayd only in her mind, because to him she was whatever name he chose for her. Of course, she obeyed some of his orders, but she was constantly escaping. Never did she drop to her knees before him, and never did her lips meet his feet in fond kisses. She refused to bathe him or allow him to make use of her in a carnal way. All in all, she never pleased him except to look upon.

Suddenly, she knew he would not kill her. What was better? Being humiliated by your slave in front of your acquaintances, and saying you could not break this slave by sentencing her to death? Or breaking her finally, then showing her perfectly subservient and on her knees, breathlessly waiting for the opportunity to attend to his every whim? Part of her steeled herself against what was to come, while part of her quaked in fear and tried to tell her to beg forgiveness now. The stronger part won out, and she set her jaw in determination.

Once in the dungeon, she was chained face first on the wall with her hands tied so far above her that she was forced onto her toes. Edwin was behind her, running his fingers almost lovingly down her naked back. "I have to admire you, for you are the only slave of mine that has not been broken. I have done everything to you that I can imagine, almost. I even stripped you of your clothing and name, yet you still show strength the likes of which I have never seen." She felt his fingers travel up to her shoulder blades, and a snarl tumbled from her lips as he ran his fingers over her wings. That was the most vulnerable and sensitive part of her, and he knew it. "But it cannot last. It is time for you to be broken, my little pixie." He stepped back from her and grabbed a torch from the wall, smiling at her before turning to the guards. "Gag her; we do not want to terrify everyone in the castle. I have guests still." A leather strap was pulled up under her chin, and tied snugly over her head so that her jaws were pressed together. Edwin smiled and took her chin in his hand, pulling her face to look at him. "Can`t have you just chewing through it now can we?" Jayd was snarling, but because of the gag it was muffled and her sharp teeth were rendered useless. Edwin was talking, telling her what her punishment would be. "I have never had to be so brutal on a slave. But I think, now is the time for you to understand who owns you. Therefore, you will lose the two things I have until now spared. You will lose your wings, which I have always admired for their beauty; and your purity, which I have always coveted."

Her legs were not tied, and she suddenly realized this. Her toes ached from standing in that position but she ignored it and lifted her knees up, and then began to flail as much as she could. Her ankles were quickly seized and shackled to the wall though, and then try as she might, she could barely move an inch. The cold of the iron on her ankles spread to the pit of her belly and she felt panic seizing her.

Through her gag, she screamed as he touched the tip of the flame to her wing. Her wings were mostly dead skin, like hair or nails, but she felt the heat against her skin and knew that soon the flame would reach the thin bones that served as a framework to make them strong. Those bones were covered in skin and blood, and they were very sensitive. The small flame took off like a brush fire, and she parted her jaws as much as she could to bite the inside of her cheek until blood trickled from between her lips.

The flames licked the bottom of the framework of her wings, and Edwin smiled as her screams rose through the power of the gag and her body writhed in an attempt to put out the fire. She knew it was impossible, but her instinct told her to try to stop the pain anyway it could. Her breath sped up, and blood ran down her arms as she tried to yank them free. Her body told her to put the fire out somehow, even if it meant ripping her arms right from their sockets. Tears streamed down her cheeks and soon her body stopped writhing and just shook in pain.

It wasn`t just the pain that made her sob, it was because her wings were all that made her free. Pixies rarely had wings, and she was seen as special from the day they broke her skin. She was sold at the highest price ever attained for a child because of them. She had loved them all her life. They sparkled like the sun, and twinkled in the moonlight. They sheltered her from rain. But not only that, they were all she had left of her identity, and now they were gone.

Edwin motioned to the guards and the gag was removed. Her screams were now unhindered, and when the fire reached her long black hair and scalp, they turned from agony to panic. "No! No please, master, please show me mercy, please!" Begging, she hated herself for doing it even as the words tumbled from her lips. Darkness was moving into the side of her vision, slowly threatening to leave her truly helpless. Then her body went limp and her eyes slowly shut as she breathed what she hoped and prayed was her last breath. She saw herself burning to a crisp, and then the softness and lightness of death.

Water was dumped on her suddenly, and again she cried out in pain as it splashed on the fresh wounds just created. Her body jerked back into alertness, and she could feel her agony like it was the only thing in the world. She wanted to cry, but would not allow herself to. "First time you have ever begged, I should have used this method before." He stroked her back, smiling gently. "It would have saved us both a lot of pain." His hands tangled in her hair, now almost too short to get his fingers in. "Shame about your hair, but it will grow back." She whimpered; a sound she had never made in front of him before, and slumped. He chuckled as he saw the signs of her body taking a sigh of relief. Oh no, not for a while. "Besides, save your begging for later, you will need it."

She pressed her forehead into the wall, shaking in pain all over and for the first time she thought about letting him own her. Right now, she wanted to do anything she could to stop the torment. She would beg and grovel if she had to. If he let her loose, she would drop to her hands and knees and crawl to his feet, just to stop the pain. But there was the warrior in her that screamed that this was unacceptable. Her lips curled back from her teeth and she snarled again, turning and lashing out at him as much as she could, but he only watched, slightly out of her reach. The expression on his face was the same as that of someone watching a vicious dog straining against its leash for a scrap of meat. He was bemused, and almost admiring. He turned to the guards. "Thirty nine lashes."

But Edwin was not going to enjoy his supposed victory on his own. He brought in a newly bought slave to watch, and Jayd saw her face full of horror as he told her this would be her punishment if she ever disobeyed him. Then she dropped to her knees at his command, and let him rape her mouth. He did not spill his seed down her throat though; instead he pushed her onto her hands and knees and used her as a foot stool while he watched Jayd being beaten. He watched her pain filled face, the sweat trickling down her back, and he listened with relish to her cries and pleas. When the lashes were finished, he stood up and traced the path of the sweat. She snarled at him, but he paid her no mind. At this point he felt she was as harmful and dangerous as a kitten. His fingers roamed, down to the only place on her he had left untouched. She pulled against her shackles until blood smeared her wrists and trickled down her arms. "No master please! I will obey you!"

He smiled brightly. "Wonderful! But, we need to test this new resolve now don`t we?" He turned to his men, the smile still wide. "Turn her around - I want to see her face when I pluck that rose." Her ankles were unshackled, and she was turned to face him. Her legs, now free, targeted him. She managed to latch her ankles around his throat, ready to strangle him. But her legs were grabbed and all but ripped apart to reveal herself to him. He watched her being held there as he gasped for breath and then he smiled. "It has been so long since I have taken a woman unwillingly. Your unwillingness will cost you though, when I am done with you, all my men will be allowed to have use of you as well. I hope your fighting and insolence was worth it."

Sarah was shaking in pain and pleasure, her whole body floating on the mixture of it and making her intoxicated. King Draco was smiling down at her as he stood over her prone body, his flogger in hand. "Please my Lord….."

"Yes, sweet Sarah, beg me for more."

"Please stop!"

He chuckled and reached down, gripping one nipple and making her cry out again. "You beg so wonderfully." His fingers slid down her body and fingered at her sopping womanhood. His chuckle was dark as he brought his now wet fingers to his mouth and sucked them, closing his eyes in bliss. "But your body tells me that you only beg me out of propriety, and so we will test it." He now turned his attention to the wolf, still lying in the corner. Sarah knew what was coming now, and whimpered both in longing and in fear. "Tatrianna, why don`t you take pleasure of our little one here?"

"Yes Master." Some would have been shocked or terrified to hear the wolf speak, but Sarah had seen this creature before. Even now, her body cried out for the abuse to come, although she tried to act as though this was against her will, as though she were completely helpless. And maybe she was. She had already screamed at the top of her lungs, told other servants and other people of the….her mind even hesitated to call this abuse, considering the fire in her belly and the pleasure she found herself in. None of it worked. And what was another option?

But her legs were no longer tied, nor were her arms. He would catch her, but she knew she had to try to escape from him. So she looked at him as he watched the wolf cross the room, and then, with a glance to heaven and a quick prayer for strength, she bolted towards the door. She imagined some would be shocked to see her running about the castle naked, but she did not care. She would tell his crimes to the farthest reaches of the kingdom! Her fingers stretched out for the door, preparing to latch onto the knob and escape to freedom…..

Then the door was rushing at her all too quickly, and a heavy weight was on her back. She landed against the hard wood with a loud thud and cried out in pain as teeth sank into the back of her neck. She was being dragged, and already knew who was holding her. The wolf carried her like an unruly pup back to the middle of the floor where she was dropped without ceremony at King Draco`s feet. He crouched down and his fingers tangled in her hair, pulling so that she was forced to look into his eyes. He made a clucking noise. "When you fight like that it only makes Tatrianna more enflamed with passion. You ought to know that by now."

He let her go, and stepped back. Then she felt once again the teeth on the nape of her neck and claws raking down her back, leaving thin trails of blood. "No, my Lord - please have mercy on me! I am sorry for my disobedience!"

"Oh don`t worry. Tatrianna won`t kill you. But really….you reached release. I think it only fair she does too, don`t you?" Sarah sobbed openly as the claws seemed to shift on her back, growing longer and smoother. There was crunching and grunting, then female hands seized her shoulders and rolled her roughly onto her back. Sarah knew Tatrianna, she was another slave. Her eyes were deep brown, and her hair was the same color, tumbling in unruly waves down her back. Sarah felt fingers intruding her womanhood roughly, and she cried out as nails dug into her. "Tatrianna?"

The woman paused in her assault and looked at King Draco, her fingers still buried to the hilt inside Sarah, who was mewling pathetically. "Yes Master?"

Now he untied the lacings to his trousers, and uncovered his engorged shaft. "Quiet her down for me, will you?"

Sarahs eyes widened, and her arms began to throw punches, none of which landed. Tatrianna quickly kneeled over her face and pinned her wrists above her head. Then, Sarah was gagged with Tatriannas womanhood as the other woman sat on her face. Sarah knew better than to bite, and so only sobbed into the wetness that was suffocating her. She felt her legs being spread, and the tip of the Kings shaft entering her, and her sobs turned to muffled and gurgled screams. Tatrianna pulled off her face and slapped her roughly before sitting back down on her. "Quiet! Lick that cunt you whore or this punishment will be nothing compared to what will be done to you!"

The King rode her roughly, his fingers biting into the skin on her hips and ensuring more bruises. Tatrianna ground herself onto her face, and Sarah felt the fire coming back to her belly, rolling through her like a snake. Her tongue moved against her will, lapping at the juices dripping into her open mouth, and her eyes closed in bliss as a moan escaped her lips. She felt the Kings fingers between her legs, and then his thumb pressed against that little, sinful nub of pleasure. Her body was suddenly lost to her. She moved her hips to meet his thrusts as much as she could, and her tongue worked tirelessly on the moaning woman sitting on her face. Her breath came faster and faster, her body was floating. Then the King spilled his seed into her, and she felt herself crashing, her body crying out in pleasure as the fire filled her. She panted against the wetness pressing around her nose and mouth, moaning and whimpering in pleasure. Tatrianna still rode her face, and then she too cried out in release.

King Draco smiled down at the limp girl as Tatrianna stood up. "Good girl, I trust this lesson will be remembered?"

Sarah shook in an aftershock and weakly rolled onto her belly and pushed herself to kneel. "Yes my Lord, I am very sorry for not respecting your property, and I pray that you forgive me."

"Yes, your punishment is finished. Here is a shift for you to wear until bed." He indicated a crude garment made of sackcloth that hung in the corner. "You are to bathe and then resume your duties for the day."

"Yes my Lord." She stood shakily and slipped the shift on, then quietly opened the door and left. King Draco smiled to himself, thinking about the wonderful conversation she would have with God tonight.

Tatrianna settled next to him on the bench that Sarah had been strapped to and sighed contentedly. Draco ran his fingers through her hair and smiled. "My mother gave me that tea cup; it was a gift from her travels."

She looked at him wide eyed and her lips parted in a faint gasp. "Then, Master, perhaps we were too easy on her?"

Draco chuckled. "No, I rather disliked my mother." Tatrianna smiled and giggled slightly. Draco gave her a faint grin and then looked at the wetness still staining the stone floor with a frown. "She is so utterly predictable, just like the others. Do you know, she has recited that same Psalms for the last year?"

Tatrianna chuckled. "Maybe she is just not as devout as she would have us believe?"

His frown deepened. "Yes she is. The problem is that she is just a mindless doll. She has the title of slave and so thinks she must obey me without argument."

"Well….Master she is a slave, it`s what they do."

"You are a slave too, and yet you never cease to surprise me." Tatrianna smiled and butted her head up under his chin. She made a noise in the back of her throat similar to a growl, but it meant she was content. He petted her as he thought. "We will go to the auction and find a new slave in the morning." She looked up, and her eyes could not mask her joy even though she tried.

"Yes Master, I will make all the arrangements."

My poor warrior heart, you have simply been too neglected. And now that neglect has lead to this. Jayd was not crying - she had given up on that. It did no good. Instead she huddled in the corner of her cell, just out of reach of the moonlight. Normally it was something she basked in, like a cat in the sunlight. Fairies soaked in the wild abandon and happiness of the sunlight, pixies favored the mysterious glow of moonlight. But not right now.

Pixies were known for being brutal and strong. Her body was that which belonged to a hunter and a fighter. She had long, razor sharp nails made for shredding. Her ears were long and cupped so that she heard every movement for almost a mile away. Her eyes were keen, seeing the smallest of movements even at night. Even her mouth was made for battle, with sharp teeth and the ability to taste even the tiniest amount of poison. Her limbs were made to move quickly, and she had the strength of ten men. Even now, her body was healing rapidly and preparing for the next battle. The wounds on what was left of her wings already had scarred over, and the bruises riddling her naked body were slowly healing. Pixies were not meant to simply lie and take abuse, they were made to fight. But she seemed to ignore that part of her. Besides, she thought with a sigh as she stared at the bars, the strength of ten men was not enough to break iron.

She looked at the puddle of moonlight on the floor, and cowered deeper into her corner. So this is how a pixie is broken. Edwin would brag about this, at his next banquet he would show her off. He would parade her around and she would be forced to act as his footstool, forced to feed him, and maybe even used in front of societies finest. They would sip their wine and praise him while she was thrown to her hands and knees and made to service every man, and maybe some of the women, there. Her teeth ground together in hate and anger, and a hiss raced through them and into the night. Maybe it was a whispered promise to the universe that she would not end like this.

The rattle of the dungeon door opening jerked her from her thoughts. One of the men who just moments before had held her legs about his hips while violently thrusting into her stood at the bars of her cell, a sneer plastered on his lips. "Here, compliments of Master." He slid a plate under the door, followed by a wooden cup, then left her alone in the dark once again.

She crept over to it, and her stomach snarled at her to remind her that for three days, the days she had been free, she had eaten nothing but berries and some beef jerky left by the side of the road. Her nose twitched at the smell wafting from the plate and she peered closer. Grapes, a turkey leg, and bread of some kind….but then her eyes narrowed. She bent down and sniffed again, her fingers reached out and touched the food. The turkey was slimy, and smelled foul. The grapes dissolved when she touched them, and a putrid odor poured out with their juice. She did not need to check to know that the bread was molded. Her stomach screamed in protest, but she picked the plate up and buried its contents in a hole she dug in the soft ground of her cell. She prepared to dump the wine which she found in the wooden cup as well, knowing it was poisoned, but then she thought better of that. Instead, she tucked it into the corner next to the bars of the cell.

Deep inside her, a warrior stirred.

Had Edwin been as bright as he thought he was, he would have not left the now thoroughly abused pixie alone with her anger. But he had not even been smart enough not to get a pixie in the first place. It was the middle of the night when he decided to see his handiwork. In the hours between the last time he had seen her, she had allowed her sadness to turn to anger, and then that turned to rage.

When the door to the dungeon flew open and he walked in, Jayd was kneeling in the moonlight, her arms wrapped about her naked body, and soft sobs coming from her lips. He had never seen her like this and he felt something stir below his belt as he saw his prize slave; beaten, broken, and used. The wall outside her cell showed the scars of her punishment. It was smeared red with blood, and ropes of the milky white seed spilt only when a man has slaked his lust marked the floor. He remembered walking in while her punishment was being carried out and seeing her on her hands and knees, one of his men holding her face down on the floor and making her lick it. Now though, he had to see if she was actually broken. She did not look up when he came to stand before the bars of her cell, instead she bowed down low, stretching her arms out on the ground in front of her as her shoulders shook from her sobs. "My men tell me you are ready to be obedient?"

She sat back up and kneeled there, her head dropped low and the remains of her tattered hair sheltering her face from his gaze. "Yes Master, please use me as you wish. I am ready to obey."

He chuckled and unlocked the door. Then he pointed to the spot next to his feet. "Get over here, crawl and tell me how sorry you are."

Then he watched her crawl slowly, on hands and knees, the tears still falling. She kneeled by his feet as ordered, and bent down to place fond kisses on them. "I have been a bad slave Master, and I know that I deserve death. But I beg of you to please give this lowly dog a chance to show what kind of slave she could be."

She continued to kiss his feet, and then he felt her tongue sliding along them. This was something he had never been able to force her to do, and something he thought of as the biggest act of slavery. She slowly licked his feet clean, and watching her naked and bowed at his feet like that made his passion become enflamed. Without another second of hesitation, he unlaced his pants, pulled her up by the hair, and pressed his member to her lips. "Then clean my staff as well, slave." Jayd parted her lips and let the tip of her tongue bathe the head of his shaft before opening her mouth and slipping down the length of it. He moaned, his hand still tangled in her hair as she let him thrust in and out of the wet heat, being careful not to scrape with her teeth. He then pulled her off, settling into the small bench just inside the bars, right next to the cup of tainted wine. There he spread his legs, letting his arms rest at his side. "Pleasure me whore."

Jayd crawled forward again, making sure to squeeze out a few more tears. He stroked her hair as she licked the length of his staff, using the skills his men had so "kindly" educated her in. It was growing harder, and he was moaning in delight with his eyes closed and his head resting against the stone wall. Then the warrior in Jayd awakened, and she smiled to herself as she swallowed the length of his shaft. He moaned and pushed his hips to her face, his eyes closed in bliss. Her hand closed around the cup of wine, and at the same time her teeth closed harshly on him, making him squeal like a stuck pig. But she did not want to bite it off, she had other plans. She dumped the tainted wine on it, and now panic was added to the pain in his cries. Then she stood and spit his blood onto his face in a crimson spray. "What is it, master?" And the sarcasm dripped like venom from her every word. "It is only a little wine, and it is the same swill you expected me to drink!" He ground his teeth and glared at her while clutching his bloodied manhood. She stood, grabbing his hair in her hand and snarling. "Did you really think I would let you win?" She reared her arm back, ready to slash his face to oblivion, but her arms were seized as guards rushed in, and she once again found herself in shackles.

Edwin was red with fury, pain, and panic. "You filthy, disgusting, horrible whore!" He panted in pain and struggled to stand. She saw that although his shaft was bleeding profusely, the wound she had inflicted was only a flesh wound. Judging by the fear in his eyes though, it was much more than that. Exactly what kind of poison had he tried to feed her? He was composing himself slowly, and quickly tucking himself away. Then he crossed the distance between them with his teeth grinding in anger. She tilted her head back so that their eyes met, and hers shown crimson red in her anger. "I sentence you to death!" The tiny smile that curled her lips didn`t go unseen by him though. The laugh that spilled from his lips held sparks of insanity in it, and made a chill run down her spine. "Oh, happy about this are you? Well…there is a small square close to the slave auctions. In this square there is a large cage. In that cage, slaves such as yourself have their death sentence carried out. There is one way to get out of it…you kill off all the other slaves while we, the good citizens, watch and take bets on who will live." He turned to one of the guards and snarled for a doctor, then looked at Jayd again. "It is rumored that even the King watches these matches, so he might even get to see you slain." She was thrown into the corner and spat on. "This will be your last night, enjoy it." Even as he said this, golden rays of sunshine snuck between the bars of her cell, and he smiled at her before turning to the guards. "Take her away."