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The ballroom sparkled with a magic like mystery that seemed to hold its occupants in a state of childlike aw.

In this ballroom stood two girls or more accurately two young ladies as society would deem them. Temperance Booth and Elizabeth Weatherford had been friends longer than even their mothers cared to remember haven gone through just about everything together, even birth could not separate them for it was a story this was told at every combined birthday ball they have ever had.

It seems that when the day that Temperance and Elizabeth were born a frightful storm was a brewing.

As luck would have it Elizabeth mother was visiting Booth Manor before she was to be confined to bed rest before the birth of the child. She was forced to stay at the Booth manor for in her condition she could not make the journey back to Waterford in the condition of both the weather and herself. As luck would have it as soon as the rain began to fall, Mrs. Booth began to have the womanly pain that go hand in hand with childbirth as did Mrs. Weatherford the cries could be heard back and forth between the two till the early hours of the next morn when two health baby girls where born mere minutes from each other. So the story went every year, the small ribbing of Elizabeth stating that she could not wait a minute longer to meet her new friend and decide may it be time or not she was not going to waste one minute of her new life.

May it have been the many retelling of the story that gave shape to the two girl's personality or the way it had always been? Since the day they were born Elizabeth rush forward with everything she did. While Temperance was learning to walk Elizabeth was learning to run. When it came time to take dance lesson Elizabeth would beg to begin with En pointe not the simple waltzes.

On the opposite Temperance always seem a step behind, always follow.

When someone asks her why she did not step forward and outstep Elizabeth she said "Someone has to pull her back before she fall in to a pond. How can I do that if am in front" with such a look of bemusement.

While these two girls lead a much similar life they were by no way the same girl, Temperance Booth a tall willow like young lady with waist long black hair which she usually keep it tightly braided down her back usually held in place with a bright colored ribbon her only self-indulgency, with eyes the color of sweet tea.

A smile that could light up a room if catch at the right moment otherwise it was a small courtesy, ladylike smile, polite but held no warmth.

She was quite hard working young girl in not need for foolish kind of girl thing many of the other girls did. However when it can to the concern of Elizabeth dreaming Temperance was the one that found a way to make it possible as well as getting out of the trouble that it caused. She was the person that keeps Elizabeth in line which many say is what made her wise beyond her little years on earth.

Then there was Elizabeth Weatherford a small busty young lady not at all saying she was plump but a thing that would make she best friend look upon with some envy for she herself was lacking in womanly curves.

Her hair was wild red which with age had turned in to a deep auburn making her cobalt blue eyes even more striking.

they seem to always be searching for what something it may have been the need way to getting in to her way or trying to find what the future may hold. She was in short a wild child unable to confine herself with in the role she was dealt that of a woman during her time period.

To say that these young ladies had an eventful live ahead of them would be an understatement because if fate did not deal them the right card.

Elizabeth would find a way in to drag them in to something that will lead them both in a breathless adventure.