Chapter 1:

Desolation Row

"I'm lost!" she thought. Devan felt as if she was going in circles. As a child these woods were a familiar place but now she had know idea where she was. It was supposed to be the simplest task. Follow the map's directions, find the mansion, and talk to Sirius about a job. How hard should that be?

Devan is 21, dark skinned, average height, and has long brown hair. Her mother, a mambo (a voodoo priestess), had just recently died. Her mother's last wish that she get a job with an old friend who promised to help put her through college. Now she just has to find his home. She eventually walked into a clearing that revealed a blue mansion with gold trimming all over it.

"This must be it. It's a pretty ritzy place." She thought. She slowly walked over to the building and the first thing she heard was yelling. She knocked on the door. There was still yelling. She saw that the door was unlocked so she let herself in. The entryway was lit up by a chandelier that hung over head. She walked inside and saw the staircase that led to the upstairs rooms. To the left were big brown open doors where she could clearly hear yelling. She tiptoed over to the doors and listened quietly.

"I looked in that park already there was nothing there." Somebody said. It sounded like a female. She peeked in side and saw a tall girl with short red hair. Her eyes were a blue color but they looked tired and annoyed.

"Well you must've missed something." Said another. This one was definitely a man. She looked again and saw a young man sitting down in a chair with his back facing her. "We could try asking Dorian about it."

"What 'we'? I'm not going to talk to that leech!"

Devan knocked on the door quietly.

"Come in."

Devan walked and saw the guy stand up to look at her. He looked fairly young and tall with a slight tan and short spiked hair with bright green eyes. In other words he was handsome.

"Hi I'm Devan Johnson. You called and said you would give me a job." Devan said nervously.

"Oh right. Minerva's biggest mistake." He said sharply. "Cesca you can tell her what her job is." Then he left the room.

"What's his problem?" she asked.

"Sorry about that. He thinks it was a bad idea that your mother stopped using her powers for you. Honestly I think it was sweet." Said the girl. "My name is Francesca. I'm Sirius's fiancé, and that was him that you just met."

"Oh it's nice to meet you, him on the other hand…."

"Don't mind him he's just bitter right now. Anyway right now we need to get started on something. You'll be going out a lot to talk to people, asking questions, and most likely go under cover."

"Okay, but what kind of business is this?"

"You're familiar with supernatural right?" Francesca asked. She seemed nervous at first.

"Yes…. why?"

"Well we kind of investigate stuff that the police tend to overlook. In other words were like ghost busters except we also deal with

other things."

"Okay." Devan thought about this for a second. Her mother stopped using magic to make sure that her child wouldn't have to deal with that, but now she's deliberately throwing her back into the world. This was just too odd.

Cesca picked up a book off the coffee table and flipped through the pages. She stopped on one page and handed the book to Devan.

"Have you ever heard of the 'Deadly sins'?" Francesca asked.

"Yeah of course. They're certain sins you commit that put you in a specific circle of hell. Why?" Devan answered.

"Yeah that's the definition but I meant the group."

"There's a group called that?"

"Yeah. It was about 200 years ago. They were a group of vampires that reeked havoc on Europe. It was said that they killed six of them, but the leader disappeared."

"So this book gives a clue of where he is?"

"It's a diary of vampire named Dorian. He knew him back then. I found out where he lives but I don't want to go by myself."

"I'm just asking but why?"

"It's personal. Just meet in the car we'll head over there right now."


After a few minutes she found her way out of the huge mansion and looked around for the car. All she saw was a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

"Where's the car?" Devan thought.

Cesca bounded out wearing a leather jacket holding a helmet. She seemed really too happy for some odd reason.

"Um Cesca... Where's the car?" Devan asked.

"Oh sorry. I meant to say 'by my bike'. You don't mind do you?"


"Great! Let's go. You can wear my helmet."

For the next few minutes Devan was chilled with fear she had never rode a motorcycle before, and Cesca was a maniac when it came to driving. Because of the helmet Devan couldn't see very well, but she could feel it when Cesca swerved in between cars. It was like she just waiting for a crash to happen at any minute. Finally it came to an end when she heard bike turn off. They had reached their destination.

"Wasn't that fun?!! There's nothing like weaving through New York traffic." Cesca exclaimed.

"Sure I guess. Just let me get over the shock for a second." Devan muttered. She pulled off the helmet and saw another mansion in front of her. "Are people in New York just rich?"

"No the guy who lives here is just egotistical." Cesca went up to the door and knocked loudly. After a few minutes someone opened the door. It was young woman about Cesca's height. Short black hair, glazed over green eyes and wore a maids outfit. "Hello Madeleine. Are your masters' home?"

"They are." She answered. Her voice seemed to have no emotion whatsoever. "Dorian is resting in the library, and Lorelei is in the green house tending the plants."

"May we see them?"

Madeleine stepped out of the way so we could get through. She closed the door behind her slowly as if to not wake up Dorian.

"Devan you go talk to Lorelei. Ask her about the group. What they were doing, they're plans, things like that." Cesca said. "I'm going to talk to Dorian. Madeleine will you show you the way."

Madeleine gave a small bow and directed her in the direction of the dining room. Devan followed her in and saw her open a curtain on the back wall. It led down a long dark corridor that didn't seem to end. She walked in and found herself immersed in darkness. She just listened to the maid shoes clicking against the floor.

"Um…. Madeleine how far away is the garden?" she asked.

No answer. She was as silent as the grave. They finally reached the greenhouse, and to Devan's surprise it was enormous. The ceiling was shaped like a dome, and made of glass with gold trimming. Plants and flowers adorned the room.

"Madeleine this place is huge! From the outside it didn't even seem this big!" Devan exclaimed.

Still no answer.

She noticed a purple flower, with pink spots on the petals. She walked over to it and was going to touch the petals.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Came a voice. A girl about fifteen walked out from behind the plants. She was average height for her age. Jet black hair, purple eyes and pale skin. "If you touch the plant it will shoot out a needle and try to poison you."

"Oh. Thank you. You must be Lorelei."

"Yes. I am. You must be Devan."

"Um...yes. How do you know?"

"Just a guess. Something told me Sirius would be too upset to come."

"Oh." Devan couldn't help staring. She expected to see somebody older, but this girl was so young. Lorelei directed her to a table where there was two cups steaming hot tea were waiting.

"You'll have to excuse Madeleine she's very protective and doesn't like to talk to strangers." Lorelei said.

"Oh. We should get started, though, we don't have all night."

"All right then." She took her seat with maid close behind her. "Ask me anything."

"Okay, what are the deadly sins?"

"They were an organization that believed that vampires should rule the human race."

"How were you and Dorian involved?"

"They tried to recruit us but Dorian refused."

"What for?"

"He thought they were crazy and believed it would put me in danger to be there."

"Okay how about this: just tell me everything you know."

She gave a small sigh, and looked at her with her eyes shining brightly.

"They were in short berserk vampires. They were lead by Julius; he was the head of everything. Nothing happened without him knowing about it. From what I know he was born in Germany. "

"Please go on." Devan said.

"He and Julius were close, until something came up. Apparently the vampires weren't strong enough and he knew that Dorian and I had ancient vampire blood so…."

"So what?"

"He suggested that he killed me and drink my blood."

"Your brother said no of course."

"Of course. Julius wasn't so happy with it though. They were like brothers. It was hard for him to except it."

"I guess so."

Out of nowhere a loud bang came from the other room. Then followed was some yelling.

"I think it's time for you go now." Lorelei giggled.

"It was nice to meet you."

Devan went back down the tunnel and ended up in the entryway. Francesca was waiting for her impatiently with a gash across her face.

"Are you okay?" Devan asked.

"I'm fine." she answered.

Francesca gave her ride back to Sirius's home and from there Devan walked home. By the time she got home it was pretty late. She was renting out a condo in Harlem. She felt overwhelmed with curiosity about what happened that day. For some reason Sirius seemed to dislike her and she had the feeling that Francesca wasn't a normal person. She just decided to sleep on it for tonight. Tomorrow evening she would find out more.

The next morning Devan got up frantically, she had forgot to set the alarm. It was the first day of school at Vassar Academy. She quickly got dressed and ran out the door with her backpack just in time to catch the bus. The ride was long so she used the time to check over her schedule. On the list one of the names read 'Hailey'? It was listed under the number of her home room.

"Why does that that name sound familiar?" she thought.

The bus came to stop in front of the college campus. There were black iron gates surrounding the vicinity. The building itself was huge. It had an amber exterior color and there was another building next to it that was similar except it had a sign that read: "Music Building."

"I guess this is where I go."

She got off the bus and walked over to the building. When she got inside it was very crowded. It was hard trying to find a specific room number. After accidentally walking into the wrong classrooms she finally found the symphony room. It was basically a huge auditoria that was shaped like and orchestra room. There were rows of chairs set up in a half circle surrounding a podium and a chalkboard.

"Devan over here!" came a voice. It was her friends Renee. She's been Devan's friends since high school. She's a shape shifter but can only change into animals. Her skin is tan and she has black hair.

"Hey Renee." Devan walked over into the violin section. "How's Henry?"


"You broke up with him didn't you?" Devan asked sarcastically.

"Yeah but I'm with a guy name Bryan now."

Devan gave a loud sigh. Renee had the world's shortest relationships.

"Have you seen our teacher yet?" Devan asked.

"You didn't see him? He was talking with some of the students in the back."

"Very funny. All I saw was a bunch of guys talking."

"Yeah he was the one with the semi long black hair and gold eyes."

"Not the one with the ripped jeans wearing the black shirt and pale skin."


"This is going to be fun." she said sarcastically.

The bell rang and the rest of the students got into their seats and looked towards the podium. Behind it was a chalkboard with writing on it.

"Listening to the music around you." he read off the board. He stepped behind the podium. His voice was entirely low but it wasn't exactly high either. "Let's be honest with each other since it's the first day. When you're playing together with a group of musicians you often just concentrate on your part. Right?"

No one answered.

"It happens to the best of us. No one can deny that." he continued. A murmur of agreement went across the room. "Today you won't need your instruments. We'll just be listening, but do pull out your music for "Pictures at an Exhibition", from the folders under your chairs and I'll put on the music. Oh and by the way call me Dorian. Not 'Mr. Hailey."

Devan, in away, was impressed. Despite his looks he was very mature, and even a little charming. No wonder they hired him as a teacher.

"Still think I'm joking?" Renee whispered.

"No." Devan whispered.

Dorian was very helpful to the whole orchestra. He seemed know a lot about every single instrument. He was also very funny and talented. He would make jokes during the lesson and at the end he played on his guitar that he had brought with him. The rest day seemed to go just fine. Her classes were fun, the teachers were nice, but she couldn't keep her mind off of Dorian. There was something about him that she just couldn't forget.

By 3:00 clock morning classes were done. Devan met up with Renee at a coffee shop. There Devan told her about her new odd job.

"So your boss hates you all ready? At least he didn't fire you."

"Yeah. Thank goodness."

Right then Dorian walked quickly by the shop window. Of course Renee saw him first.

"There goes teacher of the year. What's his rush?" she said.

"Who knows?"

"Let's follow him to see what he is up to. Maybe we can catch him the act of selling drugs." Renee said jokingly.

"I really doubt it."

"C'mon let's go."

The girls followed him down the street. He stopped for coffee and a newspaper then kept walking. They eventually followed him right into a bar. It was crowded inside, so they lost track of him. The whole place seemed dark, apart from the lit lamps on the tables.

"We lost him." Devan sighed.

"No we didn't." Renee said. "Look up at the front.

Sure enough there he was setting up his guitar.

"Let's stay and watch." Devan said. They found a table in the corner and ordered their drinks. Dorian was a great guitarist and an even better singer. His eyes eventually wandered over to Devan, he gave her smile and winked.

"What?" she thought.

The performance ended and he jumped down from the stage and walked over to them. He seemed to be happy to see them.

"Hi girls." he said.

"Hi Dorian." Renee said.

"What are you doing here?"

"Just enjoying the music."

"Right." Devan said trying hard not to blush. Of course Renee took full advantage of this.

"Dorian, Devan has a few questions for you. So why don't I leave you two alone to talk? If you need me I'll be playing pool."

"What? Wait!" Devan exclaimed.

"Bye, bye." And with that she left.

"So you play very well." Devan stammered, struggling to keep from blushing and mentally cursing Renee.

"I've been playing for awhile." He said. He sat down next to her.

"Where did you learn to play?"



They talked for about an hour. He described to her Venice and how's he's been all over the world. How he studied with professionals and learned so many languages. With out really realizing Devan found herself falling for him.

"Are you seeing anyone?" Dorian asked Devan.

"No, not at the moment." she answered.

"How about dinner tomorrow night then?"

"I'd love to."

"I'll call you."

Nothing could possibly ruin this moment. She thought. Then her cell phone started to ring. Ok maybe that could ruin it.

She pulled out her phone and checked the caller id. It read 'Lorelei'.

"I have to go." she sighed.

"Now?" he asked.

"Yes now. I'm sorry."

"I will call you later then."

He kissed her softly on the cheek. She felt the blood rush to her face. She got up, walked outside and hailed a cab. On her way over to Lorelei's home she found herself thinking about Dorian. She got the same feeling from him that she got from Francesca. It felt as if they weren't human.

"I'm just imagining things." she thought to herself.

The cab arrived right outside city limits at the edge of the forest. She used the same map from before and found her way to the mansion. When she walked inside she got the same sensation again. Somebody was here but they weren't living.

"Lorelei? Are you here?" she asked.

"Yes." came a voice. She walked into the library where the sound came from. Lorelei was sitting there reading quietly.

"Oh you're here." Devan said with some relief.

"Don't forget me." said someone else. Devan turned and saw Dorian lounging on the couch. "You humans can be so slow."

"How did you get here?"

"I ran."

"Dorian is my brother." Lorelei answered.

"Making him a vampire." Devan answered. "At least that explains why it feels like there wasn't anyone living in here."

"Where is Sirius ?" Devan asked.

"He'll be here soon. He's just getting some equipment." Dorian answered.

"I guess I can wait."

In a half of a second Dorian was standing right next to her. He gave her the same warm smile like before.

"Can we talk outside?" Dorian asked.


Dorian and Devan walked out in front of the mansion. She felt nervous. Before when she didn't know he was a vampire it was easy to act natural around him, but now she felt a little scared of him.

"Don't be scared of me." he finally said.

"I'm not scared." she said.

"Don't lie."

"I'll admit I'm a little surprised. I just never thought that you could be a vampire."

"It's okay. I hope this doesn't change your mind about our date."

"No. Of course not."

He walked closer to her and she felt her heart pound like crazy. She kept expecting him to kiss her but instead she felt him push her away quickly.

"Huh?" she said.

A huge werewolf had become between them. Its fur was an icy blue color, and his breathing was deep and haggard. He was facing Dorian, and from what she could see he seemed excited.

"Get lost mutt. I don't feel like playing with a pup." he said arrogantly.

"Dorian!" she yelled.

"Get inside. It'll be over in a few minutes."

Without hesitation Devan ran inside and locked the door behind her.

"What have I gotten myself into?" she thought.

"Lorelei, there's a-" she was about to say.

"Werewolf?" Lorelei finished. "Dorian can handle him. The thing was probably sent by Julius. Francesca should be here soon though."

"None of this phases you does it?"

"No, not really."

"This place is a mad house." she thought. Right then there was a knock at the door.

"That was quick." Lorelei commented. "Devan could you get that it's just Dorian."

Devan got the door and Dorian was waiting outside gripping his arm that was bleeding. He seemed peeved.

"Are you okay?" Devan asked.

"Huh? What this?" he said holding up his arm. "It's just a scratch. I'll be fine." He headed inside and locked the door behind him. He walked into the library and smiled triumphantly at Lorelei.

"What are you so happy about?" she asked.

"Where's your demonic boyfriend? Doesn't he come when he feels you're in trouble?" He answered.


"The little wimp probably got scared and didn't bother to come." Right at that moment, (Devan thought she was crazy when she saw this), a boy quickly dropped out of the ceiling and was standing over Dorian, pinning him to the floor with one foot.

"Can you say it any louder? I can just hear what you're saying." This fiery demon is Wyatt, at least that's the name he uses on Earth. He's over thousands of years old but takes the shape of 16 yr. old because he's Lorelei's boyfriend. He's tan and has dark black hair with red streaks, and blood red eyes.

"Well come on. You vowed to protect her, because you, I quote: 'believe that I don't do a good of enough jobs'."

Wyatt took his foot and kicked Dorian in the face. "Are you judging me Dorian?" His voice was smooth and almost hypnotic. "You of all people shouldn't be talking about vows." Wyatt let him up and gave him a smirk. Dorian's had a big bruise on his cheek.

"Devan this is Wyatt, Lorelei's charming demonic boyfriend." Dorian said. Wyatt had already picked up Lorelei and started throw her up in the air playfully.

"Don't get mad Dorian. He's sorry." Lorelei said while laughing.

"Don't apologize for him! He's not a dog!!!!" Dorian yelled.

"Vampires? Werewolves? And Demons? What have I gotten myself into?" Devan thought to herself.

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