The Island

Chapter One

"The council can't do this? Can the council do this?"

"Apparently…" Derek kicked the sand by the shore, "Apparently the damned council can do whatever they hell they please! EXCUSE ME I HAVE CLASSES!" Derek shouted to the sky, the same place Adely was shouting.

"I'm not sure they give a damn about you having class." Adely sneered.

"Why because they care about you being the center of fucking attention!" he pivoted facing Adely.

"Well I sure hope not, because I don't wanna be the center of your attention." She folded her arms across her chest and turned her head away from Derek.

The kid had the potential to get on Adely's last damn nerve. She'd only known him since they were five, just around three fourths of her nineteen year old life, since they were kids it was predicted that he would be Homecoming King and class valedictorian which of course, were both true in the long run. And here she was stranded on a fucking island with the most arrogant shit-face she'd ever known, and never wanted to be alone with. Sure he was attractive, he had his qualities she supposed, gray green eyes that could make a girl go weak in the knees, he had her in height too, he was what? Maybe six foot six…six foot seven? Sandy blondish hair… And built like a baseball player, of course he was a baseball player at Knox University. Mostly the people who got into Knox were like related to the Council, or super skilled in just about everything, that was Derek all right, gifted in everything. In high school he ran track, and medaled all four years…played baseball like a pro, and he was on the basketball teem that went to state all four years of his career took second once and first sophomore, junior, and senior year. Not to mention he, of course, gradated with honors and as valedictorian. It wasn't much of a wonder how he got in.

Then there was Adely, who when they were kids used to beat play on the

Kickball team against Derek, just so his team would lose, Adely grew out of the tomboy stage but never stopped loathing Derek...honestly how could you like someone who is literally good at everything they do? Puke. In high school Adely's friends and her referred to him as the prince.

Adely was accepted to Gate's University, GU was it's more commonly known name, as common as it got she supposed, it was a Christian school. She stayed a semester and realized it was one of the bigger mistakes she'd made. Thing's just didn't work out the way she'd hoped they would, she dropped second semester and moved to Court Wood with her older sister and her brother-in-law, she planned on dropping for a semester and starting up at the community college in Court Wood in the fall, she had a job and she was just fine all the way until out of no where Derek told her he'd had a thing for her for over a year…Adely thought it was a harsh prank at first, or maybe that he was drunk, then they talked for a couple days and she really started to like the guy…and then shit hit the fan…she found out from an old school friend he was talking to another girl…also…and she decided to just say whatever and give up on it, no like she hadn't been screwed around with before, she figured whatever…but this one hurt, it got to her…and she decided at the very least she'd give him the opportunity to come clean about it, and somehow she'd wound up here, stranded on this God forsaken island with literally nothing but food and water and to her dismay…Derek.

"Your attitude was different a day ago Ad." He remarked…yeah boy that pressed a button.

"Sure, absolutely, but that was before I found out you were still talking to Callie Zimmerman." That one sure stopped Derek dead in his tracks.

"How the hell do you know I'm still talking to Callie?" He asked suspiciously, it was almost like he was going to deny it if her evidence wasn't solid enough…just like Derek to cover all his bases.

"Really Derek? She's a fucking junior in High School; can you say robbing the cradle? Although I suppose age never bothered you when you were in school either, you have quite a few notches on that old bed post of yours."

"Great Adely, go ahead and recount my past, because God knows I can go back and change it for you." He pursed his lips and shook his head, his arms now folded over his chest, "so how the hell do you know I'm still talking to her?" He asked again.

"It's none of your damn business, fuck you for even asking. Jesus Derek, I don't see how you could have been so low, I told you flat out I wasn't ready to put myself out on the line because I'd been burned before and you went ahead about your merry little way and decided to what? Lead me on anyway…you truly are a great Guy Derek…truly."

"Adely, she's my friend…Am I supposed to stop talking to all my friends because we're trying to figure out what the hell we mean to each other?" He asked sarcastically.

"Hell no, I know what I am to you, and we both know that she's way more than a friend, what number notch is she? Better question how many times is she etched into that bed post of yours?"

"Oh and what do you suppose you are to me?" He asked arrogantly, with a smile on his face…she wanted to smack him but she stood squarely where she was and narrowed her eyes at him.

"A good fuck, if you could land me, which by the way you cant." Adely spat. She wasn't exactly the nicest of people, and she was definitely no angel but she was saving herself for marriage, as cliché as it was she had at least a few morals.

"Why on earth would I only be talking to you for a 'good fuck' as you call it, we live over fifteen hundred miles away from each other, you aren't exactly near by for a quickie."

"Eloquent." Adely sighed.

"I thought so." His sarcasm was so thick Adely couldn't even appreciate it.

"How the hell do we get off this island?" Adely was back to yelling at the sky, "IF WE HAVE NO WAY OF COMMUNICATION!"

"They can't year you." Derek sighed.

"Clearly. If they could they'd probably have me put to death, because the ASS HOLES are PISSING ME OFF!"

"Look, lets just go through what they let us and figure out what the hell we are doing here so we can get off this island." He said opening up one of the backpacks that was left with them on the island. Adely sat next to him and grabbed the other backpack…she didn't even remember being taken, all she remembered was the rag being held over her mouth and everything was black and when she woke up she was laying in the sand and her only company was Derek fucking Parks.


"Looks like enough food and water to last us a month, if we don't consume it all too quickly." He said the two of them had silently been through two crates, two backpacks, and two duffel bags…the Backpacks were filled with the majority of the homework Derek was going to miss on their lovely vacation, some of Adely's favorite novels…mostly James Patterson, Lisa Jackson, and Janet Evanovich books…The crates were filled with non perishables that would sustain them but definitely weren't Adely's first choice…plenty of bottled water to go around…well at least for a month. The duffel bags were filled with clothes, one filled with Derek's the other filled with Adely's…Adely wanted her computer…she wanted her music. She wanted an escape from this God forsaken island!

"Fabulous, no blankets no pillows, nothing to sleep on, and no shelter." Adely rolled her eyes and frustration filled her entire being.

"Yeah, I noticed." He sighed.

"Well that's that then." Adely stood up and brushed her jeans off, it just occurred to her that she was sweating, although she should be, she was wearing jean's a pair of Chuck Taylor's and a sweatshirt, then again in Court Wood there was two inches of snow on the ground and the weekly high was just around twenty five degrees…same went for Derek, but he'd shed his sweater much earlier in the conversation leaving him in his shoes jeans an a tee shirt that was from Abercrombie and Fitch.

"Where are you going?" He asked hurriedly standing up after here also shaking the sand from his pants.

"See those trees? They provide some sort of shelter, shelter I'm not going to get out here on the shore if it starts to rain." She grabbed her duffel bag full of clothes.

"The trees look dangerous Ad."

"Then stay here Derek. I'm going to find out what I can find out, you can go ahead and pussy foot out here though and split the food and water half and half." She started towards the palm trees that looked like their very own mini tropical rain forest.

"Excuse me?" He asked after her, "Sort it half and half why?"

"Because there is no way I'm spending three seconds more than I have to with you and the sooner we are all separated we can go about our merry lives…without each other's company." She yelled and entered the small jungle.


"Remind me again why you tagged along with me?"

"Couldn't very well let venture in here all by yourself, remember you are always supposed to travel with a buddy?" He was so annoying Adely thought she might die.

"Fantastic, well then just shut up and don't get in my way." She was moving quickly between the trees getting closer and closer to the center of the island.

"How do you know we're not lost?" he asked, he almost sounded nervous.
"Derek, we're on an island in the middle of some ocean, we are lost." She rolled her eyes.

"Not what I meant." He gritted his teeth.

"I know. I just have a habit of stating the obvious, not to mention if you keep walking in one direction you are bound to come out on the other side, remember we are on an island, at some point we'll hit water again and we can just follow the shoreline back to our shit."

"That could take forever."

"Oh really?" Adely's turn for sarcasm, "you have something pressing to do?"

"Wow, you really do have a habit of stating the obvious, okay fine whatever." He was finished arguing.

"Well, well, well, what have we here." Adely smiled and squinted just before where she was standing.

"What have we where?" Derek asked trying to figure out what Adely was seeing that he wasn't

"Just ahead, look. It's a building." She was right, there was a stone structure that was short on the right but over to the left it was taller, second floor apparently only stood on half of the first floor. The left side of the place was rounded off like a semi-circle but the right side was built square.

"Adely, bad idea." He shook his head now grabbing on to Adely's arm. "That thing is old, probably not sturdy, and also probably filled with dead stuff." He shuddered at the thought of seeing a dead body.

"It's made of rock, it's probably just fine, and what's the matter? Big bad Derek afraid of a dead spider or two?"

"No, I'm a little spooked by the idea of a dead body though."

"Why, you could learn anatomy from it." Adely smirked, poking fun at the fact that he was always up for a good day at school.

"Not funny Ad."

"Sorry Derek." She mimicked him.

"Well whatever, we're not going in there."

"We may not be, but I most definitely am." She tore her arm away and started for the old abandon building sitting probably squarely in the center of the island.

"Adely…" He warned.

"Derek, shut up." She turned around and faced him, "if you wanna sit out here fine by me! I don't care, but you've never made a decision for me before and since I'm pretty sure I still have free will, or at least as free as this stupid island is giving me, I'm going to go into that building."

"Fine, but if you scream I'm not coming in after you."

"Didn't expect you to come into the trees after me." She rolled her eyes and shook her head then started towards the structure.


Adely walked into the old stone structure, she looked around taking in everything she could she was standing in the main room, it had a stone table in the center, the chairs were gone though…to her left was a very dark creepy looking spiral staircase, she wished she had her camera… to her right was a doorway that looked like it could lead into an area where cooking could potentially done, or at the very least food could be stored, straight ahead was the only window in sight and a small area that could have been a sitting area but the only piece of furniture, besides the counters in the kitchen was the table in the dining area…she decided to go up the stairs, she was sure she'd find bedrooms up there…she had a sick feeling this place was built before the time of indoor plumbing...ew… Adely started for the stairs and Derek called out to her.


She rolled her eyes and yelled back with as much sarcasm as she could muster, "NOPE BEING EATEN ALIVE BY A MUMMY AND HIS PET SNAKE."

"VERY FUNNY!" He yelled back she could hear that he was pissed off; she wondered if he'd join her in the house…she didn't really care, she just wanted to go upstairs.

"IS IT SAFE?!" HE hollered again.

"PROBABLY NOT, BEST YOU DON'T COME IN HERE!" She yelled back, hoping maybe that'd keep him at bay. She jogged up the stairs…they seemed sturdy enough, she looked down a long hall with three separate rooms coming off of it. Two were bedrooms she assumed, she couldn't figure what the third was…it couldn't be a bathroom, she didn't figure it was a closet, she thought for a moment it was where they locked people away to starve them to death or something…it was the only room with any sort of a door on it, it was a huge slab of rock that slid in front of the door from the outside…she decided against going into that room. The bigger of the two rooms had a structure of a bed on it, but no tempurpedic mattress.

"Ad?" His voice was closer…damn.
"Upstairs." She hollered back.

"Adely, why the hell did you go upstairs, do you know how unstable this thing could be?"

"Seems pretty sturdy to me." She yelled back.

"Fine." He grunted and she heard him come up the stairs. It kinda echoed actually.

"Learn anything?" he asked.

"Just that this place has two somewhat bedrooms, a somewhat kitchen, a somewhat dining room and a somewhat living room." She said a little frustrated

"Me too." He said rubbing his eyes…there's a small sink with no drain in the kitchen area." He said.

"Hm, didn't look that hard, good to know…what the hell good is a sink with no drain?" She asked.

"I don't know but it was dry, so whoever lived here had a method for emptying it all the way or it's really just been that long since someone has been here." He said.


"Ad, you aren't actually considering staying in this place are you?" He sounded a little nervous. Adely almost laughed at him but she didn't.

"Yeah, I've been living in doors my entire life, I'm not about to start living out doors just because I'm stranded on some island."

"But I mean the skies weren't even dark or anything and it's freaky in here." He reasoned…he didn't seem too convincing though.

"Derek, I'm not forcing you to stay in here with me, go back out to the shore and sleep by the fishes. I don't care." Adely dropped her duffel finally and opened it.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Looking for something to sleep in, I'm exhausted, it's getting late."

"How do you know?" He asked

"Called a watch smart guy." Adely held up her wrist, she was in fact wearing a watch, it was a sponge bob watch, and she usually wore it when she was with her niece, the kid was a drool machine and the watch was baby proof, or had proven to be so far.

"Nice watch."

"Thanks, I was watching my niece when they took me." She sighed deeply she hoped Dani was okay. Her sister was never going to forgive her for this one.

"How old is your niece?" he asked.

"She's just about one and a half."
"And they just took you from her?" Derek sounded kinda pissed, that interested Adely was he really concerned for someone else?

"Yes, on the bright side my brother in law was due home within the next ten minutes or so. So she wasn't alone for too long…I hope…my sister is never going to forgive me for this."

"I cant imagine the council would just let a one year old stay by herself, I'm sure they left someone with her." He reasoned.

"Yeah, I hope so." Adely sighed.

"I'm sure she's fine Ad." It was strange, he almost sounded like he was trying to comfort her.

"I'm sure she is too…still…"
"You can't blame yourself, you were knocked out."
"Well clearly, since I cant changed the past I'm going to work on the present, the floors in here need swept, I'm going to change, get out of here."

"I'm sorry, excuse me?" Suddenly Derek's attitude changed back to arrogant ass hole… big shock.

"I said I'm gonna change, get out of here."

"Well okay Madame Queen."

"I'd settle for you just leaving." She grinned. It was a pretty big screw you grin, but hey at least she smiled.



"You are sure you don't wanna come back out to the beach with me?" Derek asked for the millionth time.

"Hundred percent. I'm staying inside, but thanks for the offer."

"Alright. I suppose I'll see you in the morning then." He said, but he didn't get up to leave.

"Okay, night." Adely managed to lay out a blanked she'd found stuffed in the bottom of the bag on top of the bed frame and she rolled up a pair of sweat pants and used it as a pillow.

"You aren't going to use a blanket?" He asked, still not leaving

"It's like eighty degrees right now, I'm thinking a blanket is a little over the top."

"Alright. Night." He said, Adely closed her eyes and drifted off, never noticing that Derek didn't go back to the shore.


"Jesus it's cold." Adely woke up she glanced at her watch and squinted hitting the little light button on the edge of it, "Shit its three in the morning…or at least three where I'm from." It just occurred to Adely that she was probably on a different time zone maybe it was five AM…maybe it was one AM…she had no idea. She heard movement by the door and jumped before she realized it was Derek.

"Derek!" She hissed and threw her sweat pants at him.

"What!" He leaped into the air landing on his feet eyes wide open and red from being blood shot. "Jesus Adely!" He yelled and slid back down against the wall, "For a minute I thought it was all just a bad dream." He looked so disappointed.

"Yeah, me too." She winced.

"Are you freezing your ass off?" She asked.

"Yeah." He muttered, "Why? Take joy in that too?"

"No, come up here." She said scooting over just a bit.

"Come sleep with you."

"Oh come on Derek you of all know that two bodies is way warmer than one, don't think of it as sleeping with me think of it as surviving."

"Sounds bearable." He smiled and slid down next to Adely.

"I will change my mind very fucking quickly if you try anything." She warned.

"Got it, won't try anything." He promised scooting into a spooning position.

"Good." She said and slowly drifted back to sleep feeling the warmth of Derek next to her.