The Council IS basically what would be like the government or the powers that be. They make all the decisions, and they always get their way. I have considered doing another story, not one that involves Adely and Derek, but another one that is about the Council, like doing a few stories about the different things the Council does. Although I'm slammed with story lines right now, so we'll see where that goes URGH. :D

In the mean time check out the book that's taking me three eons to get up. The Not Book, it was actually the first book I ever wrote. :D And my initial intentions were not to start into a whole gob of books but that's where it led me :D

And I have been asked for a play list of Adely's music, had she been able to have her iPod or computer. Or just what tunes would have been jumbling around in her head. Here they be. :D

The music to listen to when deep in thought.

Kill the Messenger – Jack's Mannequin (The song she was reminded of when she first explained Mr. Timmons to Derek, the situation which she was in didn't necessarily remind her of the lyrics, just the exact wording that corresponded to the name of the song)

Swim – Jack's Mannequin (Swim would have been a very inspirational song for Adely, not to mention she loved Jack's Mannequin, it was quite possibly her favorite band.)

Lost – Coldplay (Coldplay is another of those bands Adely really loved, lost is one of her three favorite songs by them, the other two…as listed below, are Yellow, and see you soon.)

Yellow – Coldplay (Yellow, in Adely's opinion, just has to be the very sweetest love song ever written, partly because it's not well known as one of those mushy gushy love songs, and partly because…well when someone says the starts shine for you it's just a darn sweet thing to say.)

See You Soon – Coldplay (See you soon is a song that Adely really relates to, they sing about lost trust, and yeah boy does she ever relate to that)

Moving past the songs to analyze and to the songs that just make your toe tap. This playlist is what Adely would refer to as "The Up Beat Crap"

I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas (While it's true, Adely isn't really well known as a fan of music like this her one semester at GU revealed to her her gay best friend, who insisted she learn to love it all, and so she did…This and a few others where the theme songs of the evenings.)

Like a G6 – Far East Movement (Again, not exactly Adely's traditional style, no this song was not brought about by the friend from GU, but instead an old high school friend of Adely's, who on the occasion would toss songs Adely's way that had a good beat, songs that were easy to run to.)

Tik Tok – KE$HA (While the ways of the song were never Adely's ways of life it was another easy song to dance to, run to, flirt to…whichever.)

Stuttering – Friday Nigh Boys (Adely found she was able to relate to this song a time or too with past crushes, she was never the aggressive girlfriend, but at the same time…its just a good song)

I think I'll leave it at that for now, to save you the pain of searching high and low for the songs. Or buying them, because lord knows they are all EXTREMELY different songs may not all be your taste. Here's this.