I've got a special bond to one of my brothers. He can be a real pain in the ass sometimes but yet I can't stop loving him.
That's exactely what this poem is about... So Simon, this one's for you.


You're an utterly annoying and cheeky boy
with the mission in life my irritations enjoy.
But whenever someone pint this out I need to defend
and that's something I just can't comprehend.

Yes, you make me laugh a lot that's true
with a humor that's just sooo you.
But then you throw out some shitty remark
and light out that wonderful spark.

That attitude of yours is sure something to maintain
in any case, it drives our mother insane.
Sometimes I wonder if you're just after the fight
but it's hard to tell if I'm wrong or right.

Sometimes I wonder if you know what you've really got
we're not here forever, sooner or later there comes that dot.
Look up whenever you just want more and more
to see that the true happiness is right in front of your door.

I love you little brother, how strange this en may seem
we're meant to stay together, we're a team.
So maybe I'll show you this one day…
Oh, I can already hear you say"Heidi… you're so gay"