No matter how hard I try

I can never forget the past

It always reoccurs

In different, but yet the same forms

Whether emotional, Physical, Or Mentally

It always finds its way back to me

Worse than the last time

When will it forget that road to take

And find someone else to torture

I'm just a lonely soul

Never wanted more or less from you

Whenever I find a little happiness

You come trumping in

Singing the alarm

To warn all

Young and old

About my lost lonely soul

Why can't you forget how to find me

To search one day between heaven and hell and not find me

I'd be okay without you

The constant pain

Constant reminder

That without you

I cease to be greater

Without you

I'm just a lost lonely soul

Never wanting to truly go home

All alone

With no one to hold

When will this kind of pain

Cease to end