Wilted lotus

By: Payton

I try so hard

So my future may hold

Your loving hand and mercy

Til the day when I grow old

I don't know when you left

Though you slowly drift away

It seems we were fine and great

Just the other day

First you stopped texting

Then we began to fight

Next you stopped replying

And were almost out of sight

I don't know what you're doing

Or what I have done wrong

All I know is I'm losing

What used to be so strong

I really wish you'd tell me

What is really on your mind

So I don't have to keep guessing

Just give me a sign

You told me to let go

And give you some space

This I have approved

Though it's hard to regulate

You say you don't text anyone

But it's very hard to believe

When you are talking to the girl beside me

Bout the conversation you conceived

I don't understand what I've done

And I'm not the only to notice

That you have pushed me to the side

As I'm a wilted lotus

I'm sorry if I bother you

I just have to let you know

I really care and feel for you

Without you… well… I don't know…